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Cyber security company McAfee reports "record suggest in health care attacks, fileless mawalre, and cryptocurrency mining", with 59% YoY ransomware growth, new Mac OS malware yet new mobile malware decreasing by 35%, and plenty more.

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McAfee Lab’s Q1, 2017, 83-page Threat Report shows mobile malware grew 57% and MacOS malware grew 53% which is particularly significant in Australia which has a higher proportion of Mac users. There were 244 new threats every minute.

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Just when you thought the good guys were winning, along comes McAfee to rain on that parade. Makes you want to cut the Internet cord – and MacOS users need to be most concerned.

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Tuesday, 14 June 2016 15:57

Cryptographic algorithms can be hacked

Trust is an Internet cornerstone, built on the belief that messages and files freely exchanged on the Internet are authentic. Foundational to that are hashing functions that transform messages and files into a short set of bits. But what happens if cyber criminals break these hashing functions?

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Intel’s Security arm McAfee isn’t the first to write about hacking the human OS, and it won’t be the last, with the ‘latest persuasion techniques’ revealed.

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IBM pushed past Trend Micro to jump into third place in revenues in the global security software market last year, the first time in many years that a non pure-play security vendor has reached the top three in the security market.

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Friday, 23 August 2013 06:42

Android malware booming

Android-based malware grew by 35% last quarter, the highest growth rate since early 2012.

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Friday, 19 August 2011 17:47

Spam botnet back in business?

Security provider Websense has detected a spike in spam activity. Has an old bot network been reactivated, or is there a new botnet in town?

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