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Tuesday, 03 April 2007 11:55

Texting trial for 13/1300 numbers

A trial program to SMS-enable 13/1300 numbers is about to begin, bridging the worlds of local-rate voice numbers and text messaging - but it's not going to cut your mobile bill.

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Tuesday, 03 April 2007 03:21

EMI Music drops DRM, boosts BPS

EMI Music has taken a brave decision to offer higher quality, DRM-free digital downloads, which allow purchased tracks to be played on a wider range of devices other than Apple's iPods, the forthcoming iPhone and computers running iTunes.
Published in Home Tech
DigitalZoo, an Australian online retailer of consumer and business electronic gear, has come up with a novel pricing strategy: customers specify the mark-up they are willing to pay, from as little as one percent, and the prices of all goods on sale adjust to reflect this.

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