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Sunday, 28 September 2008 16:00

Walmart: all your music are belong to us

Walmart is known for selling cheap stuff and keeping shoppers who want it cheap nice and cheerful. Now users of the Walmart music download service could lose access to some tracks they have already bought and paid for.

Published in Networking
Friday, 26 September 2008 11:05

MySpace Music brings unlimited online listening

A breakthrough new advertising-supported service from MySpace allows unlimited listening to a catalogue of millions of tracks. But as always seems to be the case with online media, there is a catch with MySpace Music.

Published in Networking
Wednesday, 24 September 2008 04:09

T-Mobile/HTC G1: First Android phone arrives

After months of anticipation, the first Android-based phone has been unveiled. Does the T-Mobile G1 have what it takes?

Published in Mobility
Is a new format for physical music sales sufficient to stem the online tide, or will the iTunes Store and other download services continue to rule the roost?

Published in Entertainment
Tuesday, 09 September 2008 20:36

Who gives a toss about the Microsoft Zune?

With less than two hours to go before the Let's Rock Apple Event in San Francisco kicks off, does anyone really give a toss about an update to the Microsoft Zune? 

Published in Home Tech
Monday, 08 September 2008 16:07

Apple admits skint Brit invented iPod in 1979

Jonathan Ive famously designed the iPod, but now it looks like another Brit might have actually invented it way back in 1979. According to none other than Apple it seems. So why is Kane Kramer so poor?

Published in Strategy
Announced at the Australian launch of Windows Vista on January 30, 2007, and due to launch in April 2007, Australian music store “Sanity” has finally launched Australia’s first music subscription service on the 14th of August 2008. Is it worth it?

Published in Fuzzy Logic
The news that Telstra has launched a DRM-free MP3 option on BigPond is all over the news, and it has been a long time in coming. Yes, there’s the talk that iTunes is in danger, but now that the DRM demon has been slain for music, video should be next!

Published in Fuzzy Logic
Wednesday, 13 August 2008 10:01

Will BigPond MP3 music deal hurt iTunes Store?

The problem with online music stores in Australia has been that they force a tradeoff between full coverage of the major labels, or DRM schemes that prevent buyers listening to their purchases on whatever device they choose. Telstra's BigPond Music store has reached a deal with the big four labels allowing it to offer unprotected MP3s.

Published in Core Dump
Wednesday, 13 August 2008 09:55

BigPond challenges iTunes with MP3 downloads!

Watch out iTunes – BigPond has done deals with all four major record labels and the leading independents to create a music store with MP3s that will work on any music player – iPods and iPhones included. But the world still waits for DRM-free videos...

Published in Fuzzy Logic
The Olympics might be just about to kick off in Beijing, but Google has managed to snatch a small piece of media attention by announcing the launch of Google Music Onebox: a free music search and download service in China.

Published in Entertainment
Friday, 01 August 2008 12:32

Scouts recycle Telstra's old solar panels

Scouts Australia has received an environmentally sound 100th anniversary gift - doubly so, as the 500 solar panels and 245 regulators presented by Telstra are recycled equipment.

Published in Energy
Researchers at Secure Computing say they've found a new Trojan in the wild that infects multimedia files including MP3s. It is thought to be seeded by 'warez' sites and then spread via peer-to-peer networks.

Published in Home Tech
A new survey from Radio Joint Audience Research (RAJAR) reveals that 79 percent of people listen to Podcasts on desktop or laptop computers, compared to just 66 percent who use an iPod or other MP3 player. It seems that the average Podcast user subscribes to 3.6 Podcasts, spends an hour every week listening to them, and prefers comedy and music to all other genres. Interestingly, 53 percent of those asked would not mind advertising in their Podcasts as long as they didn't have to pay for the privilege.

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A full range of unprotected MP3 tracks, full-length previews, competitive prices - will the Rhapsody music store from RealNetworks be the one that finally puts the squeeze on Apple's iTunes Store?

Never mind the iPhone or the HTC Touch Diamond, Samsung reckons it's new i780 mobile phone is what business users need. Insofar as any one phone can suit the needs of such a diverse group, it just might be right.

Published in Mobility
The amount of music piracy amongst teenagers in the UK has reached epidemic proportions judging by a new survey, with illegal downloads to iPods the main source. New figures show that the number of illegal tracks on iPods is staggering.

Published in Entertainment
Wednesday, 21 May 2008 03:20

Napster nails DRM with largest MP3 catalogue

Napster has driven another nail into the coffin of DRM-protected music sales with a new and well-stocked online store offering MP3 downloads.

I've been a Neil Young fan since "After The Goldrush" (yes I'm that old) so seeing the fuss being made about him at Sun's JavaOne conference where he publicly threw his support behind Java and Blu-ray technologies naturally perked my interest. The question is can the likes of Young help the developers of Java and Blu-ray change the way music is packaged and sold?

Published in Beerfiles
Tuesday, 15 April 2008 05:02

A Microsoft shop?

File under ‘r’ for rumour for now, but it seems sources close to Microsoft are hinting at a desire to follow Apple’s lead by having retail stores pushing Microsoft branded stuff onto the public.

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