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A federal grand jury in the United States has issued a second indictment against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, charging him with recruiting hackers to commit computer intrusions to benefit the whistle-blower website.

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A well-known security researcher claims that, between 20 July and 20 August, British Airways changed the third-party JavaScript code it loads on its website as a result of a privacy complaint he had made.

Published in Security
Wednesday, 24 April 2013 16:19

Police get the last laugh against LulzSec

The alleged leader of hacking collective LulzSec has been charged after a government website was compromised, according to federal police.

Published in Security
Wednesday, 07 March 2012 23:13

LulzSec gets a Pwnie from the FBI


Following the 'turning' of its leader by the FBI, LulzSec seems to have lost all of its lulz, and many of its members.


Published in Security
Thursday, 03 November 2011 23:05

Full speed ahead and damn the torpedoes

Ernst & Young's 14th annual Global Information Security Survey shows that organisations are racing to adopt new technologies, but in their rush are neglecting the threat of security issues.

Published in Security
Monday, 05 September 2011 14:48

Company directors wake to cyber threat

The silver lining of events such as the high profile Sony hacking and Wikileaks affairs is that board directors are finally awake to the potential problems that can arise when their computer systems are hacked and privacy breached.

Published in Security
Tuesday, 19 July 2011 11:16

Not so LOL: Lulzsec hacks the Sun King

Rupert Murdoch's woes continue as his UK newspaper, The Sun, is hacked by Lulzsec with a fake story falsely claiming Rupert Murdoch passed away overnight at the age of 80 through the intake of 'palladium'.

Published in Home Tech
Tuesday, 28 June 2011 00:04

LulzSec: goodbye and thanks for the Lulz

According to a statement posted yesterday, the LulzSec boat has sailed its last voyage.  Will the world ever be the same?

Published in Security
Friday, 24 June 2011 11:54

Has your email been hacked?

Sydneysider Daniel Grzelak has put together an online database of compromised email accounts, easily searchable, to let end-users type in their email addresses to see whether they come up on the list of hacked email addresses - or not.

Published in Home Tech

With LulzSec, Anonymous and other hackers good and bad showing how 'Internet Security' can so easily be shortened to 'insecurity', the on-going and ever more alarming security wake-up call is ringing louder and louder, but what good is that when so many have put their phones to silent?

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