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Six-year-old comments made by Linux creator Linus Torvalds at the annual Debian conference of 2014 and part of a private mailing list of that project have been leaked to the campaigning website Techrights (formerly BoycottNovell) and written up as though they are hot news.

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Chinese telecommunications equipment vendor Huawei Technologies on Tuesday brought to mind the prediction made by Linux creator Linus Torvalds back in 2002: "There are three things that have meaning for life...The first is survival, the second is social order and the third is entertainment. Everything in life progresses in that order. And there is nothing after entertainment."

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Linux creator Linus Torvalds has expressed the hope that Intel's newly released AVX-512 extensions would "die a painful death" adding that the company should start "fixing real problems instead of trying to create magic instructions to then create benchmarks that they can look good on".

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