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Everyone expected the new Dan Brown book to smash sales records, but who knew it would do so well 'out of print' in the online world?
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Saturday, 05 September 2009 00:48

Amazon gives back 1984

In early July, Amazon remotely deleted copies of 1984 from users' Kindles, creating a PR firestorm. Now the company has offered to return the books or give the affected users an Amazon gift certificate.

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A U.S. high school student whose copy of 1984 was remotely deleted from his Kindle is suing Amazon, claiming that the action had "rendered useless" the notes he'd been taking on the book.

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Tuesday, 02 June 2009 10:37

Google preparing to become an e-book seller

Having agreed a settlement of its book digitising dispute, Google has revealed it plans to enter the e-book market before the year is out.

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Tuesday, 12 May 2009 00:08

Amazon optimizes Kindle store for iPhone

There's a new Kindle store specially designed to work with the Kindle iPhone app.

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Thursday, 07 May 2009 03:10

Kindle DX debuts

At a press conference in New York, Amazon introduced a new, larger version of its Kindle e-reader aimed at magazine and newspaper readers.

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Tuesday, 05 May 2009 02:17

Larger Kindle expected this week

Observers expect Amazon’s press conference scheduled for Wednesday in New York to see the introduction of a larger-size Kindle suitable for magazine and newspaper reading.

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Friday, 20 March 2009 07:50

Sony, Google to offer 500,000 free e-books

The Google library of scanned public-domain books will be available for free download to the Sony Reader Digital Book, giving it a larger available library than Amazon's Kindle.

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Thursday, 19 March 2009 11:47

Fujitsu introduces first consumer color e-reader

Consumers in Japan are now able to purchase what Fujitsu calls "the world’s first color e-paper mobile terminal" -- the FLEPia, a handheld e-book reader similar to Amazon's Kindle (but in color).

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Discovery Communications, the owner of the popular Discovery Channel, has filed a patent infringement suit against web titan Amazon.com alleging infringement of a patent for electronic book technology. The suit names the Kindle and Kindle 2 e-book readers and Amazon's e-book delivery system and seeks damages and royalty payments for continued use of the technology.

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Amazon is wielding the DMCA in an attempt to stifle software designed to allow the Kindle to display legitimately-acquired e-books. The way the company championed the sale of unprotected MP3 music files playable on any device might have led us to expect something better from it.

Published in Strategy
The word around the traps is that Amazon is about to announce a free application for the iPhone that will enable the same e-books available on Kindle to be read on the popular Apple device, as well as the iPod Touch. What's more, we may have announcements of Kindle being available on other platforms in the future.

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The Amazon Kindle e-reader has been getting great publicity since it was first launched in November 2007. Yet it is hard to understand why Amazon has hampered its global distribution by tying its capabilities to a mobile phone network. Isn't the Internet good enough?

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Tuesday, 21 October 2008 18:22

Euro carriers put kibosh on Kindle for Christmas

Europeans wanting a mobile device for reading texts this Christmas might have to stick to a good old fashioned paperback. Certainly, the chances of Santa stuffing an Amazon Kindle in their stocking are slim to say the least.

Published in Home Tech
Sunday, 05 October 2008 17:01

Sony and Amazon re-Kindle interest in e-readers

Sony has announced a new low priced e-reader, while rumours are circulating about the impending release of a new version of Amazon's ground breaking Kindle reader. Can we remain skeptical about the electronic reading revolution with the proliferation of these e-readers at a similar price point to iPods?

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