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The US Department of Justice has accused Google of making "excessive and intentional efforts" to misuse its attorney-client privilege and hide business documents relevant to an anti-trust suit filed against the search firm in October 2020.

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The US Supreme Court has come down on the side of Google in its long-running battle against Oracle, ruling on Monday that the copying of code from the Java API was a fair use of that material.

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Google has taken a swing at Microsoft over its statements on the recent media stoushes, accusing the Redmond behemoth of "making self-serving claims", and being "willing to break the way the open web works in an effort to undercut a rival.

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iTWire colleague Sam Varghese has written an article about the blog post from Kent Walker, the SVP of Global Affairs and Chief Legal Officer on "What people are saying about Australia's proposed News Media Bargaining Code", and has embedded a video, but the video is otherwise unlisted.

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With the time for changes to be made to the news media code rapidly running out, Google, one of the digital platforms that will be affected, has turned to a Fox News-style tactic: using the "some people are saying" line to draw attention to what are claimed issues with the Code.

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The US has filed a civil anti-trust suit against search firm Google, saying it was aimed at stopping the company, which dominates the sector, "from unlawfully maintaining monopolies through anti-competitive and exclusionary practices in the search and search advertising markets and to remedy the competitive harms".

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Google has publicly confirmed that it has abandoned plans to launch a censored search platform in China, but has not ruled out future collaboration with Beijing.

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ANALYSIS An internal video from Google, made in the week that brought Donald Trump to power, shows a distracted and visibly upset set of top officials and also reveals the degree of disconnect between the top brass at the search engine company and the rest of the world.

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In a bid to show how lax Google's policing of its ad service is, a non-profit group has bought divisive ads on the search engine's service using Russian roubles and an Russian IP address.

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