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If you're an Apple doomsayer, the company keeps playing you like a fiddle with its stellar results, unparalleled product line, app and hardware ecosystem, high quality customers and meaningful profits that propel the company and its users forward.

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Major Chinese technology challenger Huawei was rewarded for its efforts in June and July 2017 by surpassing Apple to take No.2 smartphone sales spot, but can the position be kept in the face of 2017 iPhones?

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Online retail portal eBay says Australian consumers are predicted to spend $25 million more on eBay in June year-over-year.

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Telstra’s annus horribilis continues with 75,000 users experiencing NBN as the 'No Broadband Network' and ADSL as 'Aussie Downloads Stopped Line'.

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Thursday, 26 May 2016 16:15

What’s on Presto: June 2016

Presto is bringing the acclaimed Aquarius series Season 2 starring David Duchovny in from the US, in amongst a cornucopia of TV shows and movies for you to enjoy.

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It’s that time of the month again, when Netflix lets us know what it has lined up for its Australian viewers to binge watch in the month of June, 2016!

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Telstra is doubling its free Wi-Fi trial hotspots with more than 1500 new hotspots across Australia including regional areas, adding to 1000 hotspots already online.

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Ok, so the Dune reference and tagline may not have come to mind in the headline, so if not, the following article pays homage to the opening scene of the movie, with rumours suggesting there'll be new 'Ivy Bridge' Intel Core i5 and 7 based iMacs and MacBook Pros, if not MacBook Airs too - in June.

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Although Apple's WWDC will be showcasing Mac OS X 10.7 'Lion', iOS 5.0 and perhaps even an iPhone 4S or iPhone 5, it could instead also see OS X Lion roaring into life early, unleashing what could be a powerful boost to sales of Apple's Mac computers.

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