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Rules to better protect Australians against the bill shock that can come from high international mobile roaming charges, have been emhanced by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA).

Published in Telecoms & NBN

Australians have spent $1.4 billion in international roaming fees, prompting a call from one of the country’s larger telcos for travellers to review their phone plans ahead of the businest period for overseas travel, and to take steps to help avoid roaming charges.

Published in Telecoms & NBN
Wednesday, 07 November 2018 13:46

Vodafone adds 11 destinations to its $5 roaming deal

The most generous roaming plan for Australians travelling overseas comes from Vodafone, which has just announced 80 countries are now covered, thanks to 11 new destinations.

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Telstra's highest BYO plan, the L plan for $89 per month over 12 months, looks very compelling, especially for frequent international travellers who hate Telstra's $10 per day roaming charge.

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Google’s MVNO, "Project Fi" is the company's attempt at providing global connectivity services to subscribers, and by adding Three UK says it can deliver 10-20X faster speeds.

Published in Mobility

Friday last week, I caught up with Flexiroam managing director, Jef Ong, who along with Jason Khoo, vice-president of business development, gave me a personal demo on how Flexiroam X works.

Friday, 19 February 2016 10:45

Review - iPlum for iOS and Android

iPlum gives you a real U.S. phone number, letting you make mobile and landline calls, or send SMS messages, in 200+ countries with low rates.

Published in Software

The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) has issued a new technical guide and online tool which it says will assist national regulatory authorities to set fair and affordable tariffs for international mobile roaming voice services.

Published in Telecoms & NBN
Wednesday, 09 December 2015 09:10

No CHOICE but to travel safely this summer?

Consumer advocate Choice has shared its top 11 summer travel tips - IT pros take holidays and travel too, so that’s why this is here for you.

Published in Home Tech

Telstra’s CEO, Andrew Penn, has partially backed down on the changes made to what has been dubbed Telstra’s roaming rip-offs.

Published in Telecoms & NBN

Telstra’s $195 plan strikes back at Vodafone’s $5 int’l roaming and everyone else’s premium iPhone 6s plans with standard-setting market-leading inclusions, while other plans prove tempting, too!

Published in Mobility

If you want loads of 4G data per month in Australia without paying through the nose or being locked into lengthy plans, then check out Globalgig.

Published in Telecoms & NBN

Telstra’s new ‘Travel Passes’ let you ‘make and receive unlimited calls and SMS messages to and from standard fixed and mobile numbers’ in Australia, and have a tiny 150MB data allowance with ‘Travel Pass’ in eligible countries, from 3 days up to 30 days at prices from $15 to $300 - but only for post-paid and small business customers. 

Published in Telecoms & NBN

It's not just you. Other companies find the cost of international roaming and overseas calls puts a crimp on productivity.

Multi-national mobile network operator Truphone will soon make its plan inclusions available in a total of 66 countries around the world.

Published in Mobility
Thursday, 06 March 2014 14:52

Vodafone adds fixed-price roaming to SME plans

Vodafone has announced new mobile plans aimed at SMEs with the carrot of $5 a day roaming in 46 countries.

Published in Mobility
Monday, 23 September 2013 17:34

Telstra slashes international roaming charges

Telstra will cut its fees for international mobile data roaming from $15.36 to $3 a megabyte, though it's still far pricier than Optus and Vodafone.

Published in Technology Regulation

Vodafone Australia has launched a new international roaming service - initially available only in the US, UK and New Zealand - under which travellers pay $5 per day in addition to charges they would incur using the same services in Australia.

Published in Mobility
Thursday, 04 July 2013 06:10

Phone roam moan – now Albo’s on the case

New Communications Minister Anthony Albanese has joined the increasing chorus of voices against the Great Telco International Roaming Scam. Awareness of the costs is one thing, but still nothing from telcos on actually reducing the charges.

Published in Government Tech Policy
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