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Technology from identity solutions provider ForgeRock will be used to build the new digital passenger cards that Australia will use once international borders reopen fully.

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Despite protests from its staff in the past leading to its pulling out from controversial US Government projects, Google has now made a deal for its artificial technology to be used by the Trump administration to fortify the US-Mexico border, The Intercept reports, based on documents obtained under a FOIA request.

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Melbourne and Sydney IT workers with postgraduate degrees and a continuous learning mindset are likely to fare reasonably well during the 2020s.

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The number of rejections of H-1B visas, particularly for Indians, has gone up markedly in the last quarter of the 2017 fiscal year in the US, according to data from the US Citizenship and Immigration Services collated by the National Foundation for American Policy, a policy-based research group based in Arlington, Virginia.

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A large number of prominent technology and other firms — among them IBM, Red Hat, Lexis Nexis, SAS, Unisys, Deloitte, Booz Allen Hamilton and PwC — have attended presentations that detailed a plan to build a system that uses data mining to implement US President Donald Trump's "extreme vetting" to screen immigrants coming into the US.

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The head of a well-known Australian accounting software company has slammed the government's move to get rid of the 457 temporary worker visa system, saying it could "severely hinder the growth of the nation’s tech industry".

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Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull announced on Facebook this afternoon that the government would abolish the 457 visa category which companies have been using for the last 21 years to bring in foreign workers to cover for the lack of local specialists. Critics say that this will lead to work going offshore.

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Monday, 06 March 2017 06:42

US airport pat-downs to get more 'invasive'

Pat-downs at US airports are about to get a little more intrusive from now on, with a Transportation Security Administration spokesman saying they aimed to be more "comprehensive".

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Activist group SumOfUs.org has included tech companies such as IBM, SpaceX, Tesla, and Uber among 19 corporations “named and shamed” as supporters of US President Donald Trump’s anti-Muslim immigration policy.

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Thursday, 21 May 2015 11:47

Dear USA, cheerio and you owe me $228

No doubt you have all heard of the infamous US “no fly list”. Well, judging by my most recent experience with US officialdom, I must be on a “no visa list”. This upsets me not because I wanted yet another visit to the US to attend a vendor’s conference but because I spent $208 for the privilege of applying for the unobtainable passport stamp.

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Wednesday, 06 November 2013 15:56

Employer use of 457 visas under fire from union

Construction, forestry and mining union, the CFMEU, says there is an urgent need for the federal government to implement legislation that would place a legal obligation on employers to prove no Australian workers are available before 457 visas are approved for temporary foreign workers.

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Friday, 04 November 2011 12:46

NBN may get mining sector's 457 skills program

The Federal Government is considering a plan to extend a special 457 visa program designed for the resources sector to the telecommunications industry, to allow it to expedite the import of large numbers of skilled workers.

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The Federal Government has announced it will begin collecting biometric identification from people applying for visas.

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Friday, 24 September 2010 17:31

Lundy to prime PM's Gov 2.0 engine

The technology sector's profile got a big promotion within the Gillard Government when ACT Senator Kate Lundy was elevated into a Parliamentary Secretary role. It's in her nature these days, it seems, she takes the industry with her wherever she goes.

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Immigration Minister Chris Evans has further tightened the rules for companies seeking to import skilled workers on short-stay visas, introducing measures to make sure employees from overseas don’t get ripped off - and that local workers aren't priced out of the market.

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