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The chorus of concerned voices being raised ahead of the International Telecommunication Union's forthcoming World Conference on International Telecommunications (WCIT-12) is growing in both the number and the status of participants. The ITU's latest attempt to address those concerns is not re-assuring.

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Greenpeace and the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) have joined forces to lobby against what they say is a move by "certain countries" to use the ITU to take control of the Internet.

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An OECD report on Internet traffic exchange says the current model based on voluntary contractual agreements has been hugely successful and could be seriously undermined by attempts - reported to be on the agenda of the ITU's global conference in December - to impose the type of regulation that has governed international voice telephony for decades.

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Tuesday, 16 October 2012 18:38

A new take on the digital divide

The Digital Divide has been hot political potato in Australia for years. Now the ITU has come up with a new way of measuring it that might just reveal it to be bigger than it's generally regarded.

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The ITU's annual report on the global information society has revealed the key role played by mobile networks in bringing the populations of developing countries online: mobile broadband services now outnumber fixed by two to one and are in many countries cheaper than fixed broadband services.

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Monday, 24 September 2012 18:02

Australia's low broadband ranking

The opposition says it, the government said it when it was in opposition, we all say it – Australia is way off the pace in broadband penetration. A major new ITU (International Telecommunications Union) report places us 26th – after Slovenia, but ahead of Barbados.

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IT consultancy Analysys Mason has warned that the ITU's forthcoming review of the International Telecommunications Regulations could extend these to the Internet and that any such expansion is "not only unnecessary, but could harm the growth of the Internet in developing countries."

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For the first time, the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) is inviting the general public to input contributions to its upcoming World Conference on International Telecommunications (WCIT-12).

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Alcatel-Lucent is calling for urgent action to improve the energy efficiency of telecommunications networks amid predictions that, on current projections, the Internet could consume as much as 10 percent of global energy supply by 2020.

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The International Telecommunication Union's telecommunication and information and communication technology statistics have been made available through the Google Public Data Explorer (PDE).

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Just days after the Australian Information Industry Assocation chastised the expert panel reviewing the $10b Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) for failing to give any acknowledgement to the role of ICTs in clean energy development, the International Telecommunication Union has issued a 'call for action' to get greater recognition of the role information and communications technologies can play in sustainable development.
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The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) has produced, in conjunction with Ernst & Young, a manifesto as part of its bid to bring broadband connectivity to the whole world.
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NBN has wheeled out the big guns - the International Telecommunication Union - to refute claims by Malcolm Turnbull that it is being reckless in commissioning geostationary satellites without first securing orbital slots for them.
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It is said that to limit global temperature rise to 2°C, emissions need to be capped at approximately 44 gigatonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent by 2020. However emission are likely to hit 53 gigatonnes by 2020. The ITU says that ICT and broadband-enabled applications could limit the total to just 45.2 gigatonnes by 2020.
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Thursday, 09 February 2012 16:27

ITU progresses cloud interoperability

The International Telecommunication Union's Telecoms sector (ITU-T) Study Group 13 (SG 13) has created a new working party on cloud computing.

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For years cellular mobile and WiMAX network operators along with their network and device suppliers have been touting their wireless broadband offerings as 4G, but the International Telecommunication Union has only just finalised the 4G standards.

A handful of the world's major standards development organisations - ARIB, ATIS, CCSA, ETSI, TIA, TTA and TTC - have announced plans to form a global initiative for m2m standardisation.

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Wednesday, 18 January 2012 10:26

ITU moves to develop cloud interoperability

The International Telecommunication Union's (ITU) Telecommunication Standardisation Advisory Group (TSAG) has set up a joint coordination activity on cloud computing to create a cloud computing ecosystem where interoperability facilitates secure information exchange across platforms.

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Communications Alliance is planning to develop guidelines for the end-to-end performance of Internet Protocol networks, such as the NBN.

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The International Telecommunication Union's Telecomms Standardisation Sector (ITU-T) says the proprietary nature of current digital signage systems is restricting the integration of applications across different networks and vendors.

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