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A senior cyber security researcher at the Cybersecurity Centre for Security Studies run by ETH Zurich says while a Microsoft report on cyber operations during the Russia-Ukraine war offers some useful details it says little about the impact of these operations.

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The Log4j vulnerability appears to have been overhyped by the infosec industry, with nothing like the scale of attacks expected materialising.

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Claims that a leak of the user data of 533 million Facebook users has just taken place is a bit of a stretch. A major part of this data has been out on the Web for a long time.

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Technology analyst firm Gartner is undoubtedly the source of a great deal of well-documented research and relevant statistics about the industry it covers.

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Security companies regularly hype the dangers of operating online in order to scare the bejesus out of ordinary people – that's nothing new. But when one of them gets caught and put firmly in place, it certainly merits some mention.

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Nearly three-quarters of IT decision-makers are being led up the garden path by the hype over artificial intelligence and machine-learning, and conned into believing that these technologies are the silver bullet to fix the challenges they face from cyber-security issues.

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Mobile operators have plans to roll out 5G phones next year but the industry expects broad deployments among consumers to take place only in 2020, according a senior Intel official who is involved in 5G.

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Despite all the hyper-ventilation by politicians who paint grim scenarios of cyber Armageddon always being around the corner, Australia is yet to face malicious activity that would constitute a cyber attack, according to the Australian Cyber Security Centre.

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An ongoing dialogue on the dangers posed by the online world is good for Australia, but public discussion and understanding would benefit from more informed and considered perspectives, the Australian Cyber Security Centre says in its 2016 report.

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Monday, 31 May 2010 11:55

Apple iPad leaves me iWanting

Like many others outside the United States I patiently lined up to buy my very own Apple iPad on Friday 28th May. It certainly is a beautiful device. Yet, it falls short of being an exemplary business device.

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