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Some of Australia’s top experts in their fields got together to discuss ways to improve the economy, enhance health, and protect national security. They were especially interested in combating obesity, reducing illness, and promoting a healthy lifestyle by the year 2020. Its format would seem to be good for all countries of the world.

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A medical gadget called the Inogen ONE is a “breakthrough” portable oxygen generator that concentrates oxygen, doing away with cumbersome liquid oxygen tanks and restoring quality of life to the ultimate form of organic technology: human beings.

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I can remember the first story I wrote about possible links between cell phones and brain cancer back the late 1990s for the Australian Financial Review. In the course of the story, I interviewed a number of senior medical specialists at leading hospitals, many of whom believed that the cell phone brain cancer issue was a ticking time bomb, much like cigarettes with lung cancer had been decades earlier. The response from the industry to the story was swift and interesting.

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