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As microservices architectures hit the business mainstream, a more deliberate approach to their adoption and use is needed, writes John DesJardins, Chief Technology Officer, Hazelcast.

GUEST OPINION by John DesJardins, Chief Technology Officer at Hazelcast:  The topic of microservices continues to get significant buzz as businesses build more complex solutions.

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COMPANY NEWS: Hazelcast, the provider of the real-time intelligent applications platform, today is announcing the addition of disk-based persistence and enhanced SQL support for the company's new solution, Hazelcast Platform. In addition to new capabilities, the Hazelcast Platform provides a seamless, zero-downtime upgrade path for customers using Hazelcast 3.x and 4.x products.

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COMPANY NEWS: Hazelcast, the real-time intelligent applications platform, announces the new Hazelcast Platform, enterprise software capable of serving as a single platform for transactional, operational and analytical workloads. The Hazelcast Platform combines the capabilities of a real-time stream processing engine with in-memory computing to deliver a simplified architecture that is highly performant, scalable and reliable.

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