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An enterprise network was always designed to keep the proverbial bad guys out, but with the rise of cloud computing and remote working the network's perimeter has shifted so much that the entire Internet is the perimeter. Today’s modern businesses need both the agility of the public cloud with the security of a private network. Here’s where NordLayer, from NordVPN, can help.

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GUEST OPINION by Adam Gordon, ANZ Country Manager, Varonis: The rise of cyber-attacks on Australia’s healthcare sector highlights just how important it is for organisations to have tight control over their data – this means knowing exactly who has access to what, and which data presents the highest risk if it were to be exposed.

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A cybersecurity researcher persuaded Ragnar Locker ransomware operators into thinking they were a cybercriminal and to offer a job. The researcher has released information on the gang’s payout structure, cash-out schemes, and target acquisition strategies providing a look behind the scenes into the real business of shadowy underground criminal syndicates - and the millions of dollars it brings in.

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If you have a Facebook account and have had one for a few years, chances are high that your phone number and other user data has been leaked to the Internet.

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The man called the invisible god of networks aka Fxmsp by the security firm Group-IB compromised more than 135 company networks and sold access to them in 44 countries over three-plus years, raking in at least $1.5 million, the firm says in a detailed document about him. The name is taken from a quote in an ad posted by a user Lampeduza to promote Fxmsp's services: "You will become the invisible god of networks."

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Cyber security vendor Symantec has opened the doors to its largest and most modern global security operations centre.

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Global research conducted by security software vendor CrowdStrike reveals many companies lack visibility and awareness to combat supply chain attacks despite the majority having experienced breaches.

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With tremendous technological advances comes, unfortunately, those seeking to exploit others and the continual battle for business, government and individual to keep ahead. Cyber security software company Forcepoint spoke to iTWire about its security predictions for 2018.

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A previously undiscovered hacking group has used well-worn electronic espionage techniques — some more than a decade old — to infect about 500 government agency computers so far over the past year.

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Digital security firm Gemalto asks, "Do you know where your data is?", revealing 1792 disclosed data breaches in 2016 led to almost 1.4 billion data records being compromised.

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Clicking on a Bitly link sent by a Russian hacker known as "Fancy Bear" leading to a fake Google password reset page is information in one email leaked by WikiLeaks.

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Australian business leaders can hear famed hacker Kevin Mitnick talking cyber threats at two conferences in Australia during August in Sydney and Melbourne.

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Australians love the ebay-owned Gumtree site, which lets anyone buy or sell products online, but there’s been a hack with some personal info accessed.

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Apple is refusing to unlock the computer of a user who has been locked out by a hacker who has apparently gained access to her iCloud account, according to Malwarebytes, a company that makes software to combat malware.

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Monday, 01 February 2016 10:50

NSA hunts sysadmins

Rob Joyce, head hacker for the United States, spoke at the inaugural Usenix Enigma Security Conference about how to keep the NSA out of your systems.

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Tuesday, 03 December 2013 12:03

Symantec identifies Internet of Things worm

Symantec has identified a new worm that can potentially infect embedded devices within your home or business network.

Published in The Linux Distillery
Saturday, 07 April 2012 17:53

Mark Goudie muses on data breaches

How are breaches detected and what should be done to assist the process?  Mark Goudie from Verizon offers some thoughts.

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Wednesday, 07 March 2012 23:13

LulzSec gets a Pwnie from the FBI


Following the 'turning' of its leader by the FBI, LulzSec seems to have lost all of its lulz, and many of its members.


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