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The annual technology orgy that is the Consumer Electronics Show kicks off in Las Vegas this week, and foreplay has already begun with AMD announcing that the much hyped Yukon platform has found a hardware home.

Published in Home Tech
Software piracy is a scourge on the world of computing. Yet it's a problem the open source community doesn't have. That makes sense; it's all freely available. But this raises the question: if it's free how do the developers make any money? And how can it be any damn good?

Published in The Linux Distillery
The 32nd list of the top 500 supercomputers in the world, based on performance, has been published and Intel is inside an astonishing 379 of them! So, just how fast is the top ten?

Published in Home Tech
Wednesday, 12 November 2008 12:31

HP puts a saintly Halo on videoconferencing

Hands up all those dissatisfied with conventional teleconferencing systems. Keep your hand up if you've had the chance to try HP's Halo system and are still not happy. What, nobody?

Published in Energy
Tuesday, 11 November 2008 09:46

Boclan: from Starbucks to HP

HP has appointed Pete Bocian as executive vice president and chief administrative officer.

Published in People Moves
In yet another notebook battery recall, HP has issued a worldwide recall for tens of thousands of batteries sold with some of its most popular models. HP has recalled some 32,000 batteries that were supplied with various notebooks manufactured between December 2004 and June 2006, and two vendors have also joined the recall.

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Hewlett-Packard has appointed Richard Bailey as vice president of its South Pacific imaging and printing group (IPG).

Published in People Moves
Is it possible to have fun while you're working? It sure is, as HP proved by destroying a datacenter full of their enterprise server and storage products in an explosion simulating a gas leak that demonstrated complete fail-over of all the servers in less than two minutes.

Published in A Meaningful Look
HP's recently acquired global IT services company EDS has appointed David Caspari as its new head of operations in Australia and New Zealand.

Published in People Moves
The latest research about worldwide PC shipments from IDC was pretty much in agreement with that of an earlier report by rival Gartner - growth was fairly robust. However, the turmoil in financial markets in the US and elsewhere has put the brakes on, holding the figures back to below expectations.

Published in Market
Thursday, 02 October 2008 02:46

Adobe brings philanthropy in house

Bucking the outsourcing trend, software developer Adobe has set up its own philanthropic organisation - the Adobe Foundation - after years of corporate giving through the Silicon Valley Community Foundation.

Published in Strategy
Tuesday, 23 September 2008 12:40

Windows HPC Server 2008 goes RTM

Windows HPC Server 2008 is the latest member of Microsoft's operating systems family to go into production. HPC - high performance computing - is aimed at customers with major number-crunching tasks.

Tuesday, 23 September 2008 09:34

Another $US40 billion buyback ahead for Microsoft

Microsoft has revealed that a $US40 billion share repurchased program has been completed, and that the company has initiated a further buyback of similar magnitude.

Published in Listed Tech
Friday, 19 September 2008 11:05

Thailand takes regional Spore prize

A creature named Own Blood, created by Thailand's Peerakam Santivorapong, has been chosen as the winner of the Asia-Pacific round of a competition for the best Spore creations.

Friday, 19 September 2008 10:07

HP launches Asia Pacific retail push

HP is working to significantly expand its network of retail partner stores in the Asia Pacific region as well as deepening the customer experience at selected locations.

Published in Strategy
Tuesday, 09 September 2008 12:29

Williams takes on content management at EMC

EMC has appointed Craig Williams as general manager of its content management and archiving division for Australia and New Zealand.

Published in People Moves
HP has released the results of commissioned global research claiming it shows virtualisation widespread but only in the early stages of exploitation for business advantage.

Thursday, 04 September 2008 10:25

IFS picks a pair of unpickled people

Enterprise applications provider IFS has made two senior sales appointments.

Published in People Moves
Shareholders in HP and EDS have approved the IT industry's second largest merger and acquisition, with HP set to gobble up global outsourcing giant EDS for a whopping $US13.9 billion. It's a deal that's only exceeded by HP's other major merger of the 21st century: the $US25 billion acquisition of Compaq. What remains for the deal to truly be sealed?

Published in Listed Tech
Thursday, 21 August 2008 13:12

Isn't Linux just UNIX under a different name?

What's the big deal about Linux? Isn't it at heart just a PC-based version of UNIX – the ‘70’s hit operating system which has outlived the predictions of its demise throughout the ‘90’s? If you’ve come from a Solaris or HP/UX or AIX background isn’t a PC-based UNIX a bit, well, passé?
Published in The Linux Distillery




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