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All the brouhaha about Blu-ray needing to watch out because researchers have created a disc that can store 1.6TB of data today (and 10TB to come) is a bit of a load of bollocks, with the technology up to a decade away from commercialisation and even 10TB due to look teensy-weensy by then.

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There has been speculation about the long term future of disc media, speculation that grew as the HD DVD and Blu-Ray optical disc formats fought out a close war for domination of the HD video market.  Blu-Ray’s format win could be short lived, if a new disc format – known as 5D DVD -promising 1.6 terabyte storage capacity hits the commercial market.

Wednesday, 24 December 2008 02:04

Sony still losing on PS3

Costs are way down on what they were when the PS3 was first released, but Sony, two years later, are still losing money on each PS3 sold.

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