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Telecommunications networks have traditionally been built without much regard to their energy-efficiency. But as data volumes on these networks grow exponentially, the amount of energy being used to power the many components of these networks is also increasing, as is the cost of that energy.

Published in Networking

In separate announcements Alcatel-Lucent and Ericsson have unveiled technologies that, respectively expedite fault finding and repair of FTTH networks like the NBN, and that could significantly reduce their energy consumption.

Alcatel-Lucent is calling for urgent action to improve the energy efficiency of telecommunications networks amid predictions that, on current projections, the Internet could consume as much as 10 percent of global energy supply by 2020.

Published in Strategy
GreenTouch - a consortium of over 50 organisations dedicated to reducing the energy consumption of telecommunications networks by a factor of 1000 - has come up with a technology that is claimed to reduce the power consumption of the in-home unit of FTTH networks by a factor of 10.




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