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Google has launched its second Nexus phone, based upon Samsung's highly successful 'Galaxy S' range of smartphones, through which it has also brought Android OS 2.3 to the world - likely months before other Android phones will get it.

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Join WonderMedia at Computex Taipei 2010 to see new Google Android-based tablets powered by the WonderMedia PRIZM System-on-Chip

Aiming to create a universal inbox experience for all your messages, be they textual, MMS, your Facebook inbox and other social networking sites, Motorola's Motoblur experience wants to deliver the perfect, instant update, info-centric interface for your digital life from your Motorola Motoblur-enabled mobile phone.

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The number of iPhone apps keeps on growing, and while they grow for the Android platform too, Justin-tv service is now available for the iPhone, joining Qik, uStream, Livestream, and Knocking Live video for true visual nirvana.

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Tuesday, 12 January 2010 02:11

Google adds location-aware search for mobiles

U.S. iPhone and Android-based device users can access Google.com information tailored to their phones' reported locations.

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Wednesday, 06 January 2010 18:39

Is Android stealing the iPhone buzz?

A recent survey of mobile phone users has shown a sharp increase in Android awareness.  This is expected to translate into market share; Apple, take note - the buzz you hear is not your latest ring-tone!

Published in Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!
The Nexus One has ceased being mere “dogfood” and has emerged at long last following a month of hype that never quite reached the iHeights that Google’s crunchiest of competitors managed to whip up, but after seeing the barely-better-than-iPhone specs, one can only ask “is that it?!”

Published in Fuzzy Logic
Wednesday, 06 January 2010 04:32

Alex e-reader to feature Google Books

Spring Design announced an agreement with Google that will make the more than one million Google Books accesible via the dual-screen Alex e-reader.

Published in Mobility
A new survey from ChangeWave Research suggests surging interest in smartphones powered by Google’s Android OS, but when you look at the survey results and when the survey was done, it seems clear that the Motorola Droid launch and rumours of the Nexus One has skewed the results far too much for this survey to be taken all that seriously. Read on…

Published in Fuzzy Logic
There’s a huge amount of sound and fury over Google finally having the balls to release its own singularly branded phone, rather than hiding behind the skirts of its OEM partners, but ultimately, does it all signify nothing?

Published in Fuzzy Logic
Oh, the Google phone's a-comin' so they say, oh the Google phone's a-comin', yeah the Google phone's a-comin', oh the Google phone's a-comin' so they say.

Published in Fuzzy Logic
Australian smartphone sales have seemingly proved recession-resistant, with the industry witnessing the ‘stellar rise of new vendors”, the fall of established ones, and carriers’ role in content delivery being undermined by the mushrooming of mobile app stores.

Published in Mobility
Tuesday, 20 October 2009 01:52

Verizon, Motorola take on iPhone with iDon't ads

In television ads and on the Web, Verizon is positioning its new Droid smartphone to take on the iPhone directly. The ads start with an "iDon't" list of what the iPhone can't do, followed by a list of what the Droid can.

Published in Mobility
Wednesday, 05 August 2009 00:15

FTC applauds Schmidt-Apple split

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission issued a statement approving of Google CEO Eric Schmidt and Apple Computer's decision to part ways, but warned that they're still paying attention.

Dr Eric Schmidt, CEO at Google, has been a Director of Apple for almost exactly three years - until today. As he steps down we ask if this means that Apple and Google are now officially at war?

Wednesday, 08 July 2009 10:47

Google announces Chrome OS

When Google first announced its Chrome browser, it seemed that the company was trying to wean users further from Microsoft. Now it's going a step further with the announcement of a PC operating system: Google Chrome OS.

Published in Open Source
Last week's release of the Android Native Development Kit could spur interest in an Android version of Fennec, the Firefox-based mobile browser.

Yes, the iPhone 3G S has just launched, but Palm’s own webOS revolution is doing well with a quick update, delivered over-the-air, to immediately improve stability for some apps, a dozen new apps arriving post launch, an SDK is on the way and at least 50,000 sold at launch. Not bad, for Palm… but is it enough?

Published in Fuzzy Logic
Wednesday, 03 June 2009 04:26

Opera is the top mobile browser - not!

Opera is the leading mobile browser, claims StatCounter. But that's not backed up by the numbers the company presents.

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