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The UK's signals intelligence organisation, GCHQ, and MI5 and MI6 will use Amazon Web Services for hosting classified material in a deal estimated to be worth up to £1 billion (A$1.83 billion) over a decade.

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The Digital Transformation Agency, now vested with the responsibility for certifying cloud companies that can host government data, appears to be unwilling to state clearly whether any of the four firms given a tick on 7 October had outstanding compliance issues.

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Despite all the brouhaha over the alleged threat posed by China, the Federal Government does not seem overly concerned when it comes to cloud hosting of its sensitive data. Else, how does one account for the fact that the Digital Transformation Agency has given Amazon Web Services, a company that has links to a Chinese-owned data centre, the green light for hosting government data?

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The Australian Department of Defence is continuing to use a Chinese-owned data centre, Global Switch, for hosting some of its data, even though it was told to switch providers by the end of last year.

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The Digital Transformation Agency claims that data from the government's COVIDSafe app will not be stored in data centres owned by Chinese interests.

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Questions have been raised over the fact that the American cloud provider Amazon Web Services, which was given a Federal Government contract to store data collected by the government's COVIDSafe app, is using a data centre in Sydney which is fully owned by a Chinese company.

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Chinese investment in the parent company of a Sydney data centre, Global Switch, has resulted in the Australian Defence Department deciding to end its relationship with the data centre and move all the secret files hosted there in-house again.

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Data centre provider Global Switch has announced that customers in its Singapore facility can now connect to the new state-of-the-art dark fibre network operated by Superloop.

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The NSW Government has given data centre operator, Global Switch the green light to build a new $300m data centre in Pyrmont on the fringe of the CBD, adjacent to its existing data centre.

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Saturday, 13 November 2010 12:56

NBN Co switches on Global Switch

The data centre that was a white elephant following the 2001 dot com crash, Global Switch, has just had its facilities contracted by the Government's NBN Co, something that will hopefully help the NBN succeed instead of becoming a white elephant all its own.

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NBN Co has awarded Global Switch a three year contract worth $3m to host its primary data centre.

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Wednesday, 03 November 2010 16:21

Global Switch's tech chief switches to NEXTDC

Startup data centre operator, NEXTDC has announced the appointment of the technical director of Global Switch, Gordon Paddy, as its general manager, facilities management.

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Wednesday, 03 November 2010 07:56

NEXTDC appoints Paddy

Fledgling data centre operator NEXTDC has appointed Gordon Paddy as its general manager, facilities management.

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Monday, 31 May 2010 14:18

Home-grown cloud floats to Europe

Home grown cloud services company Online Business Technologies is about to open its first international data centre in Europe in response to demands from customers and prospects that they be able to keep their data geographically close.

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