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Three days after it suffered a Windows ransomware attack, the Colonial Pipeline Company, which is headquartered in Alpharetta, Georgia, appears to be slowly limping back to resuming operations, though many systems still remain shut.

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Search behemoth Google may have another challenge on its hands next month, with a group of US states, both Republican and Democrat-run, planning a second anti-trust suit against the company.

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Ransomware has changed from being just about encrypting a victim's data and become primarily about data exfiltration, the Russian security firm Kaspersky says.

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ASX-listed Nitro Software, a firm that had its origins in Melbourne and offers a service to create, edit and sign PDFs and digital documents, appears to have suffered a data breach through cyber criminals gaining access to the company's cloud environment via a compromise of access tokens, the cyber security firm Cyble has told iTWire.

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The US has filed a civil anti-trust suit against search firm Google, saying it was aimed at stopping the company, which dominates the sector, "from unlawfully maintaining monopolies through anti-competitive and exclusionary practices in the search and search advertising markets and to remedy the competitive harms".

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A day after Microsoft's cloud services but the dust, Apple followed in its wake with a three-hour outage affecting iCloud, Apple TV, Apple Music and other apps.

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A Jewish museum in Atlanta, Georgia, which has been paying to have its site that tells the truth about the Holocaust appear at the top of a Google search for the phrase "did the Holocaust happen", has accused the search engine behemoth of profiting from Holocaust denial.

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Thursday, 12 May 2011 15:30

BSA claims piracy at record levels

The Business Software Alliance reckons software piracy is at record levels in Australia. And we're not alone - worldwide rates are the second highest since the Alliance's Piracy Study began.

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Cyber DefCon 5 is defined as being effective when malicious nation to nation attacks with the intent to destroy communication infrastructures as well as disable business processes occur. Georgia is at a state of Cyber DefCon 5. No prizes for guessing who is doing the attacking...

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