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In the movie Minority Report, as the hero strides down the street video advertising billboards spring to life and address him by name: all thanks to identifying him by scanning the unique patterns of his irises. Today multimedia cellphones and a new cellphone location technology promise to deliver similar personalisation to advertisers.
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In the quest to have a product offering different from everyone else’s, GPS maker Tom Tom have unveiled v2 of their ‘HOME’ software, letting users ‘download, upload and share’ a wealth of free navigation content, while also giving users (paid) new voices to guide them, including John Cleese, the ‘Queen’, Ozzy Osbourne and many more.

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The airwaves are buzzing with news of yet another iPhone challenger, the Garmin Nuvifone, a touchscreen handheld that attempts to bring together the best of GPS navigation and phone functions, with web browsing and entertainment thrown in. The Nuvifone is not slated for release until Q3 but everything about it from its 3.5 inch touch screen menu based display to the  way users place calls smacks of iPhone copy. That said, the Nuviphone does promise to deliver a number of things not available on the iPhone - yet.

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