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Oz Comic-Con is returning to Brisbane for the first time since 2019, and is launching in a new "Homegrown" format that will showcase all the best pop culture has to offer, with all the usual panels, cosplayers, artists, content, gaming and plenty more Oz Comic-Cons are famous for!

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Designed for kids 4 years of age and up, the Tobi Robot Smartwatch is self contained, needing no phone app, but has a cool interactive robot, fun games with augmented reality, fitness features, two cameras and more - plus it tells the time!

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Thursday, 29 March 2018 10:47

Amazon Alexa primed for April Fool's fun

If you have an Amazon Echo speaker, which means you have Amazon Alexa, then the stage is set for foolish fun on 1 April with some fun pranks set to harmlessly stun the unwary and fool the fun-lover. 

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SmartGizmos’ DuoGlyde was recognised back in mid 2015 as specifically being safe despite lesser boards catching fire, and now SmartGizmos has the certification to prove it.

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Wednesday, 13 January 2016 14:21

VIDEOS: Siri can beatbox if you ask: boots and cats

If you grab your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch with Siri, and ask Siri to beatbox, she (or he) will do the deed - no boots or cats were harmed!

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Monday, 11 November 2013 15:34

Rayman Fiesta Run is pure mobile fun

Following on from the success of last year’s mobile game Rayman Jungle Run, Ubisoft has released a follow up title, Rayman Fiesta Run, which looks every bit as good as the original.

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With LulzSec, Anonymous and other hackers good and bad showing how 'Internet Security' can so easily be shortened to 'insecurity', the on-going and ever more alarming security wake-up call is ringing louder and louder, but what good is that when so many have put their phones to silent?

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No, the Raspberry Pi Foundation isn't blowing raspberries at you, they're offering you a $25 Linux powered computer instead, that'll fit in your pocket and make Nicholas Negroponte wonder why he didn't do it first.

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Like sands through a shaken up hourglass, Google counts down the seconds of our digital lives, drumming up a stack of speculative ponderings on its meaning before the clock runs out on the stroke of 2010!

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One of the brightest stars in the firmament of the Web is Wikipedia. Whether you like it, distrust it, actively contribute to it or just make use of its vast knowledge resources, there's no doubt whatsoever that Wikipedia is a great boon. And you'll be hitting it hard in your quest for today's TechWords answers!
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Here's another iTWire TechWords puzzler in a series based on  technology themes: vendors, products(hardware and software), services, architectures, protocols, and the like. This one is centered around IBM Lotus Software products.

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Here's our second iTWire TechWords challenge, this one being the first of a series based on  technology themes: vendors, products (hardware and software), services, architectures, protocols, and the like.
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Here's our latest iTWire initiative, the very first edition of our interactive crossword puzzle. We hope that it gets the blood corpuscles flowing through your grey matter and provides you with a little light diversion from the daily grind.
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Forget the iPhone, it's just another phone. ... As for me, I just can't get enough of Wordle. If after reading this you also become a Wordler, I hope I haven't gotten you into trouble by diverting too much of your time.




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