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Global cyber security vendor Kaspersky has updated its free decryptor for the Fonix ransomware, which attacks Windows systems, following the decision of this malware group to disband.

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Ransomware has changed from being just about encrypting a victim's data and become primarily about data exfiltration, the Russian security firm Kaspersky says.

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Russian security firm Kaspersky is on its Linux propaganda blitz again, this time with a claim that there is a Linux port of a trojan known as RansomEXX. However the company has conspicuously left out one much-needed fact from its post about this malware: the infection vector.

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The new kid on the Windows ransomware block, WastedLocker, may be causing foreheads to wrinkle over at companies that fear attacks from this genre of malware, but it has given security firms, like global operator Sophos and Russian company Kaspersky, plenty of meat for its researchers to sink their teeth into.

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There has been a marked increase in use of the crypto-ransomware WastedLocker in the first six months of 2020, the Russian security firm Kaspersky claims, with the most recent use being against wearable technology specialist Garmin.

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A new piece of dangeorus ransomware has been uncovered and is potentially the 'next Cryptolocker', according to security researchers with Kaspersky.

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