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The Australian Labor Party's pledge during the election campaign to offer 90% of broadband users in the country higher speeds will not have the intended effect unless the price of the technology is lowered, the independent telecommunications analyst Paul Budde says.

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The Australian Computer Society (ACS) is the professional association for Australia's tech sector, and it has congratulated Anthony Albanese and the ALP on its success in winning the 2022 Federal Election.

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At the start of Sunday's so-called Great Debate between Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese, moderator Sarah Abo claimed that the host, Nine Entertainment, was the country's biggest media organisation.

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The ABC appears unlikely to publicise any decision it makes about the future of news presenter Fauziah Ibrahim — who has disappeared from public view after she was outed for hosting public Twitter lists on her personal account of those she categorised as Labor Trolls and Lobotomised Shitheads — before the federal election is over.

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The ABC News presenter who was found to be hosting public Twitter lists on her account of those she categorised as Labor Trolls and Lobotomised Shitheads appears to have gone missing.

Published in Technology Regulation

GUEST OPINION by Geoff Schomburgk, Vice President for Asia Pacific and Japan at YubicoOn social media, in business and in the media, we’re increasingly hearing how companies should be protecting themselves against cyberattacks. Whilst we’re all at risk of having our credentials stolen, there are certain groups of individuals that need protecting more than others. Overseas, these include numerous organisations and individuals that are defending the freedom of the press, human rights and election security throughout many vulnerable regions where cyberattacks pose an enormous risk. In Australia, the upcoming Federal election on May 21st poses a lot of opportunities for bad state actors to interfere and spread misinformation, as has been documented by activities reported about US and UK elections. It is critical that security solutions are freely available and exist to help protect Australian electoral staff and political parties from such attacks.

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The Australian Financial Review, which claims to be one of the country's top newspapers, does not appear to know the difference between data from a poll and a focus group, judging by a report written by its political editor, Phil Coorey, on Thursday.

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Election campaigns, most people believe, tell the public about the people who are vying to become the next generation of politicians and occupy a nation's parliament.

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The NBN holds a unique position in the Federal Budget – no matter who is voted to power in the forthcoming Federal Election, the short-term changes proposed will remain, independent telecommunications analyst Paul Budde says.

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The ABC's claim to being the most trusted news site in Australia has come under serious doubt following the release of a video that shows how the data of users, logged in or not, is being leaked to a number of commercial outlets.

Published in Technology Regulation

Twitter accounts that are controlled largely by bots have been observed targeting Australians in the run-up to the Federal Election on 18 May, a researcher from the Queensland University of Technology Digital Media Research Centre claims.

Published in Technology Regulation

The chief executive of a cyber security firm in Canberra says the announcement of $156 million in funding by Prime Minister Scott Morrison, to bolster cyber security efforts that are in place to guard the country's communications networks, would do little to directly improve the protection of government agencies.

Published in Security

A cyber security and information warfare researcher from the University of New South Wales has issued what can be only described as an alarmist warning that the forthcoming Australian Federal Election will attract social media manipulation, nation-state attacks and a "swarm of advertising and messaging in platforms as diverse as Facebook and WeChat".

Published in Open Sauce
Sunday, 10 July 2016 19:27

'Horse-race polling' not ABC mandate

The ABC had a much wider sample of digital polling data than commercial polling companies during the recent Australian federal election, but did not use the material to say which party was ahead at any particular point in time because "that is not our mandate", a spokesman for Vox Pop says.

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Australia would save both money and time if it turned to electronic voting, the Australian Information Industry Association, the nation's peak body for the technology industry, claims.

Published in Government Tech Policy

After a cliffhanger of an election, the people are left dangling as it were on a precipice. When you combine paper votes with booths and an election commission that is stuck in the past, that should not surprise anyone.

Published in Open Sauce

The fate of the NBN, superannuation changes, company tax cuts, the fate of the Coalition government and even that of the Prime Minster Malcolm Turnbull is still unknown.

Published in Fuzzy Logic

The Australian Computer Society (ACS) has released its federal election Manifesto, "identifying five key policy areas that must be addressed if Australia is to secure its economic future in the information age".

Published in Government Tech Policy
Tuesday, 18 June 2013 06:27

Wayne Swans around with new app

Federal Treasurer Wayne Swan today released an app for constituents in his marginal seat, allowing them direct contact with the MP.

Published in People Moves
Tuesday, 27 July 2010 16:54

Election offers voters stark choices

Voters face 'stark choices' in terms of the IT&T policies that Labor and the Coalition are taking to the federal election according to CSC Australia's chief technology and innovation officer, Bob Hayward.

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