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GUEST RESEARCH: Abnormal Security, the leading AI-based cloud-native email security platform, announced today the release of new research that showcases a rising trend in financial supply chain compromise as threat actors impersonate vendors more than ever before.

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The government of Costa Rica has declared a state of emergency after a number of state agencies, including the finance ministry, were hit by the Windows ransomware strain known as Conti.

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Australia is ranked fourth in a global list of countries with the most cybercrime, with 102 victims per one millon internet users - roughly eight times less than the United States.

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Steps to mitigate attacks against industrial control systems, outlined by three US Government entities — the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, the FBI and the Department of Energy — have come in for some sharp criticism from Robert M. Lee, the chief executive of Dragos, a company that specialises in security for such systems.

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The FBI has ranked ransomware outside the top six online threats to Americans in terms of cost in a 2021 report, but a ransomware researcher claims this is misleading as most ransomware attacks are not reported.

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GUEST OPINION: Information and security professionals face the uncomfortable and bleak reality that ransomware will only get worse in 2022: increasing in its sophistication, frequency, and volume. Ransomware continues to be aided by the consistent disruption caused by the pandemic, the adoption of new technologies that increase data generation and information sharing, and the ongoing remote working by millions who are based outside the perimeter defences of their office’s network.

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An FBI portal was breached by an unknown individual who sent out bogus warning emails to numerous people, and blamed a third party for the act.

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Sydney-based Macquarie Health Corporation has started to bring its core IT infrastructure back online, following a "cyber incident" — a Windows ransomware attack — that was made public on 7 October.

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Three technology industry bodies have urged the Federal Government to significantly revise the Security Legislation Amendment (Critical Infrastructure) Bill 2020 before it is voted on, as it would otherwise "create an unworkable set of obligations and set a troubling global precedent".

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Tuesday, 05 October 2021 10:42

Two ransomware operators arrested in Ukraine

Two ransomware operators have been arrested in Ukraine, the European police organisation Europol says, saying the men were picked up on 28 September.

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A joint parliamentary committee has proposed that an amendment to the laws governing critical infrastructure be split up into two, in order to pass what it says are "urgent reforms".

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Three former American intelligence operatives have agreed to pay a fine of US$1.685 million (A$2.3 million) as part of a deferred prosecution agreement that places conditions on their future employment, after they were found to be working for a hacking company that carried out operations for the UAE Government.

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ANALYSIS The Australian Federal Police appears to have provided the best possible argument for not passing federal bills that seek to enhance its powers, following the provision of details about using existing Australian encryption laws to read the encrypted messages of criminal gangs and take them down.

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An Israeli company that makes software for breaking into mobile devices including iPhones, has been publicly shamed by cryptographer Moxie Marlinspike, the creator of the Signal messaging app, who exposed poor security in the software which the company uses.

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Once more, the unsupported allegation that Chinese telecoms provider Huawei Technologies was up to no good in some country's network has been aired, this time, by the Guardian.

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The FBI has intervened to clean up the mess left by attacks on on-premise Microsoft Exchange Server installations after obtaining court orders to access hundreds of vulnerable machines in the US and remove Web shells.

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A Republican senator from Ohio has criticised the US Government over taking more than three months to say who was accountable for not stopping the SolarWinds supply chain attack that first came to light in December 2020.

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Law enforcement authorities in France and Ukraine have joined forces to arrest a number of people in Ukraine who were using the Windows Egregor ransomware to make money.

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