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Global open-source software host, GitHub, serves 56 million users and is the custodian of billions of lines of open-source code. With such a product, on-call is part of life, but it doesn’t have to come at the expense of work-life balance or accepting technical debt.

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The rapid rise in the employment of executives over the last 3 months has paused, falling by 2% in October compared to the prior month, in a reflection of the “uncertain times”, and with hiring of executives in the Information Technology sector falling into negative territory for the month, according to executive search firm EL Consult.

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U.S. researchers used many generations of data to see if college student today have more or less empathy (compassion, understanding) to others than students of the past. Find out what they found out and what some of their comments are based on their study of empathy and college students--today and in the past.

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