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The Federal Government's Digital Transformation Agency is one unit in Canberra that really earns its name. It transforms itself completely within as short a period as 18 months, gaining an entirely new workforce.

Published in Open Sauce

Enforcement of an international ivory ban has reduced the numbers of elephants killed each year. However, any type of approval to lift that ban (even temporarily) will, in all likelihood, spur more killing of elephants for their ivory.

Published in UNI-verse
Saturday, 13 March 2010 02:43

Scientists call for ban on legal ivory sales

Scientists who study elephants are joining together for a moratorium on legal ivory sales around the world. According to the lead scientist in the moratorium, illegal poaching of ivory causes the death of 8% of the elephant population each year.

Published in Biology
Tuesday, 21 October 2008 16:18

The elephant in the eBay auction room

When it comes to there being an elephant in the room as far as eBay is concerned, then it would have to be the subject of trading in illegal items. According to one eBay insider, the company is about to chop up that elephant and throw some of it off the auction floor.




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