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Eight years ago, the independent American journalist Matt Taibbi outlined what he thought was the best use which journalists could be put to.

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The Australian Labor Party has announced it will provide free broadband for a year to 30,000 homes which have no Internet connections, as part of its broadband policy for the upcoming election.

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Scott Morrison wants to get re-elected. Nothing wrong with that aspiration; which man who earns more than half-a-million a year without having to take responsibility for anything at all wouldn't want to continue in the job?

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One has often lamented the fact that the Australian Labor Party decided to jettison the only politician in its midst who actually knew something about technology, namely Ed Husic, from its front bench, for solely political reasons.

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The Australian Government appears to have an abundance of money to waste on useless inquiries driven by partisan reports from organisations that have its seal of approval. This is the only way one can account for an ongoing Senate inquiry into "foreign interference through social media" based solely on a "research" paper from the Australian Strategic Policy Institute that claims elections are fixed by two countries: China and Russia.

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Machine identity protection provider Venafi has found that a survey of government-mandated encryption backdoors show that 80% of the respondents say countries with government-mandated encryption backdoors are more vulnerable to cyberattacks targeting election infrastructure.

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A team from Deakin University is working with the Australian Electoral Commission to reduce waiting times for voters.

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The Federal Government has allocated an unspecified amount in Tuesday's Federal Budget to improve cyber security arrangements for the forthcoming election.

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One of the five candidates in the running for the post of leader of the Debian/GNU Linux project has withdrawn from the race, leaving four to contest for the post.

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American software giant Microsoft has finally released its AccountGuard security service in Australia, at least six months after it was made available in 17 other countries.

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The Debian GNU/Linux project has a lack of leadership, veteran developer Martin Michlmayr says, adding that while there are many talented people in the project, members are afraid to make or propose changes, especially big, far-reaching ones.

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The Debian GNU/Linux project may soon have to come up with a solution to the lack of any candidates for the post of project leader, with nobody having thrown their hat into the ring as yet after nominations opened on 3 March.

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The Australian Electoral Commission says it currently has no plans to make any public statement about social media and the forthcoming federal election.

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Security firm FireEye claims it has found files that prove a group known as TEMP.Periscope, which it claims is of Chinese origin, has compromised a number of Cambodian entities which are connected to that country's electoral system.

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An NSA contractor, who leaked a top-secret document to the website, The Intercept, and was caught, has agreed to a plea deal that will see her spend more than five years behind bars.

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The prospect of Ecuador expelling WikiLeaks founder and publisher Julian Assange from its London embassy after its elections are decided appears to have played a role in the organisation deciding to dump Vault 7, a massive trove of CIA documents, overnight.

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The Victorian Electoral Commission (VEC) is claiming a “first of its kind in the world” new iPad app with the release of its Voters Voice app to assist people with communication difficulties to participate in elections.

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Australia is ripe for a switch to electronic voting and the technology available today could provide safe, secure and reliable voting capability, according to the vice-president of the ANZ division of an electronic signature technology and digital transaction management company.

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Global media agency Reuters has deployed SAP HANA enterprise cloud service as part of its US presidential election coverage.

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Monday, 08 February 2016 13:27

Privacy top issue for EFA election-year campaign

Digital freedoms and rights not for profit group, Electronic Frontiers Australia (EFA), has the launched its Digital Rights 2016 campaign which it says is intended to raise awareness of the importance of digital rights - particularly the issue of privacy - throughout the Australian community in the lead-up to this year's Federal election and beyond.

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