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Monday, 26 July 2010 11:23

Asus Eee PC 1001P signals end of an era

The Asus Eee PC 1001P is more than just a very cheap netbook computer. It very much signals the end of an era of portable PC computing that Asus single-handedly revolutionised in 2007.

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Wednesday, 27 January 2010 06:56

Asus redefines netbook category with Eee PC 1201N

Is it just me, or are netbooks becoming as expensive as notebooks? The "high performance" Eee PC 1201N is a case in point.

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Monday, 26 October 2009 05:55

Eeebuntu eeevolves with Debian Linux

The team behind Eeebuntu, an ASUS Eee netbook-optimised version of Ubuntu Linux, has announced that compatibility issues with Ubuntu 9.10 – Karmic Koala – has led them to abandon Ubuntu and build their work upon Debian Linux from now on.

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Friday, 16 October 2009 10:16

Ubuntu sucks says Eeebuntu developer

The popular Ubuntu Linux distribution has received criticism from an unexpected corner and its ASUS Eee netbook users are likely to be left with an unworkable system when Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala hits the Internet later this month.

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They might have called it the Disney Funbook, but Disney Netpal is the name of a collaborative netbook product from Asus and Disney that may be the first truly serious attempt to provide a commercial grade computer product for children. The new netbook melds the creative design capabilities of Disney with the innovative Eee PC package.

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You may know of Xandros Linux; for many people exposure came through the Eee PC, with this being the distro chosen by Linux-turncoat ASUS. Yet, what is Xandros' stance on open source software? Might Xandros be a thinly-veiled Microsoft tout as Linspire reborn?

ASUS has effectively abandoned Linux and stated a power user would use Windows instead. This backflip stands against the history of their successful Eee netbook line. Nevertheless, ASUS’ loss will be the gain of more savvy players.

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Although Asus originally intended its first Eee PC 701 to be used in an educational setting, rather than being the catalyst that ignited the netbook revolution, Dell is the first company to have properly designed a netbook that can withstand the rigours of teenage and classroom life – and have outfitted it with a(n optional) touch-screen, while also making Ubuntu 9.04 an Australian netbook option for the first time.

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Wednesday, 29 April 2009 10:51

Desktop Linux great white hope hits the canvas

At the beginning of 2008, the landmark Eee PC netbook running Xandros Linux left an unprepared red faced Microsoft with 0% share of a burgeoning new market. Nine months later, thanks to a resurrected Windows XP, Microsoft had 70% of the netbook space. Six months on and recent reports suggest that Linux on netbooks is down to single digits and heading south. True or false?

Tuesday, 28 April 2009 17:38

Are Linux netbooks becoming extinct?

The netbook ought to have been the domain of Linux. It certainly started that way, with the inaugural 7" ASUS Eee Linux PC sporting Xandros. Then Windows XP came back into vogue and the vendors backed away. Both ASUS and Dell confirmed today that Linux features little in their future plans.

Monday, 27 April 2009 15:11

Asus getting real serious about PR

Asus has taken its PR in-house and appointed Linda Vo as its spin-doctor for Australia and New Zealand, who takes over from external consultant Christine Kardashian.
Inexpensive Android netbooks running the same low-powered ARM processor found in the iPhone will be on the market within three months. The question on the lips of many is can they break the strangle-hold of Microsoft Windows and Intel Atom on the netbook and wider PC market?

Ever since the unexpected advent of netbooks – who would have expected low-powered computing to be such a winner – Microsoft has been working to push Linux out. Unlike Vista, Windows 7 will run effectively on a netbook. However, Microsoft have reminded us they’re a proprietary company with the offensive Windows 7 Starter Edition being limited to three apps only. Are they trying to insult us or what?

It comes as both a surprise and not a surprise that the New South Wales (NSW) state government chose a "safe bet" of Lenovo and Microsoft to supply many thousands of taxpayer-funded laptops to secondary school students. Was Linux ever on the short list?

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Asus has finally taken its Eee PC netbook into the domain of notebooks in both features and price, with the release of its first optical drive model, the 1004DN. The sleek new Eee PC, however, comes at a price that erases all memories of the age of super cheap netbooks that Asus pioneered in 2007.

I'm writing this on my full sized desktop computer but sitting next to me on my desk is a brand new Asus Eee PC HE, idling away on battery power in between the paragraphs I'm writing. I'm yet to see evidence of the much touted 9.5 hours of battery life but we'll get to that later.

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Monday, 09 March 2009 09:09

The Linux killer 10 inch netbook

The release of the very nice Asus Eee PC 1000HE signals a turning point in the sub-notebook market and it's one that Linux desktop advocates will not like. It looks like the 10 inch netbook has hit the sweet spot for consumers and that sweet spot includes Windows but not Linux.

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Saturday, 07 March 2009 15:59

A Kevin37, an Asus 1000HE, rent or food?

These days $900 is not exactly a fortune but it does come in handy if you want to buy cheap technology or enough food to keep your family's bellies full. Here in Australia, many families are about to receive another Government handout of AUD$900. What can they buy that will benefit them most?

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ASUS has unveiled its new Atom powered Eee PC 1000HE, which boasts up to 9.5 hours battery life. However, at almost A$100 for each hour for us Australians the latest Eee PC model no longer carries the el cheapo netbook price tag that helped make the brand famous worldwide.

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Microsoft got things seriously wrong when it released Vista and the company knows it. In the past, the absolute market dominance of Windows on the desktop has allowed Redmond to get away with such mistakes. That may no longer be the case now that Google has entered the operating system market with its Linux-based Android platform.

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