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Electronic Frontiers Australia (EFA) says its concerns with draft amendments to telecommunications interception legislation have been addressed in the bill as tabled.

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Tuesday, 05 May 2009 17:11

EFA receives a 'Take Down' notice

Earlier today, the ISP hosting the Electronic Frontiers Australia website was served with a "Final Link-Deletion Notice" – Australia's equivalent of a "take-down notice" by the ACMA. 

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If iiNet loses the piracy lawsuit, the ramifications for all Australian ISPs will be immense, forcing all to spy on their users and become online policemen. It will wipe out online privacy, slow down the Internet, impede the free flow of information, impose massive costs on ISPs, impose massive costs on users, and put broadband progress back by 10 years in Australia. Can iiNet’s competitors – or indeed ISPs worldwide – afford to let this happen?

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