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Droidax is continuing its run of 'battery included' cases for the Samsung Galaxy series of smartphones. The latest offering is for the Galaxy S4.

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The trouble with smartphones is that the better and more useful they are, the more you use them, and the more you use them, the faster the battery goes flat. Recharging during the day isn't always possible if your idea of being out and about doesn't include driving, so one answer is an external battery.

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Tired of your phone or other device running out of juice when you're on the move? The Droidax PortaCharge may be the answer.

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Wednesday, 31 August 2011 23:34

Droidax packing more power

Adelaide-based technology entrepreneur, Raaj Menon has released a compact power pack through his new Android mobile accessory company, DROIDAX, which is claimed to significantly boost the battery runtime of Samsung's new Galaxy SII handset.

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If you think this is yet another article about Android yet again being under attack, this is true - but instead of nasty malware, we're talking about a range of accessories for the most popular Android smartphones in the US and Australian markets.

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