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With the RFPs for Australia's National Broadband Network now in, communications minister Stephen Conroy is talking about awarding contract(s) by the end of March, but the Australian Computer Society has re-iterated its warnings that figuring out what we are going to use the network for should be a national priority.

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Symantec’s latest report on the “underground economy” shows that online criminals are enjoying their biggest ever boom, just as the world is experiencing economic turmoil. Never before has online crime been so big or so bad – but there definitely are things you can do to protect yourself!

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Thursday, 20 November 2008 16:22

PC Magazine is dead, long live PC Magazine!

PC Magazine is something of an institution in the US, as well it should be with a history stretching back 27 years in print. Now that is all coming to an end as the Editor-in-Chief announces the last edition of the printed magazine.

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