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Decisions about closing someone's social media account should be transparent and there should be avenues to appeal, according to Reset Australia, which claims that ultimately the real harm from Big Tech's “unchecked algorithms and data usage” can't be solved by a voluntary code.

Published in Technology Regulation

Google and Facebook’s voluntary disinformation code doesn’t offer Australians any real protections from the effects of “dangerous and false information” online, according to a claim by Reset Australia. 

Published in Technology Regulation

Less than two months ago, the Australian Federal Parliament introduced mandatory data retention legislation, a law that most Australians do not want. They were able to do this because Australia no longer has a parliament that represents the will or interests of its people.

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Monday, 20 January 2014 11:54

China Internet use skyrockets

China's star is rising and new growth statistics are showing the Asia power's online population rose by more than 53 million in 2013.

Published in Business Telecoms
Liberal US shock-blog Daily Kos gained legal access to the database used by electronic voting machines produced by Sequoia Voting Systems. The Daily Kos sensationally claimed the database violated Federal voting law. A closer examination gives a different story.

Published in The Linux Distillery
News is breaking that solicitors Carter Ruck has now "dropped its claim that to report parliament would be a contempt of court" just before a legal challenge was due to be heard in the High Court. Twitter users can celebrate playing their part in helping to defend the freedom of the press. iTWire reveals all...

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One of the most repeated examples cited to promote open source philosophy is that of an electronic voting system. If this process is not understood or transparent then its results cannot be trusted. The strength of this argument has gone up a hundredfold with the discovery that Diebold counting software has been missing ballots for four years.

Published in The Linux Distillery
Thursday, 02 October 2008 15:31

Chinese Skype spies archive a million conversations

One of the brand messages to be found on the Skype website is 'Set your conversations free' which is kind of ironic when you consider how a Chinese version of the Skype service monitors and archives messages that trigger politically sensitive keywords...

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