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A number of sites with Australian domain names did not resolve correctly on Tuesday afternoon, giving rise to speculation that a move by auDA, the domain administrator, to offer a new .au domain was the cause.

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ANALYSIS A Facebook engineer issued a command to assess the availability of global backbone capacity and this, unintentionally, took down all the connections in the company's backbone, effectively cutting off all its data centres, the company says.

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Web infrastructure and website security company Cloudflare has beaten Facebook to the punch in explaining why the latter suffered a major outage earlier today, with the site disappearing from the Web at about 2.30am AEDT.

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The A and AAA domain name system records for Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp have disappeared, leading to the blackout of the three sites from the Internet, in what appears to be a problem caused by a border gateway protocol mistake.

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Tuesday, 13 July 2021 15:46

Infoblox 3.0 unifies NIOS and BloxOne

Core network and security services vendor Infoblox has released Infoblox 3.0, bringing together its NIOS on-premises DDI solution, cloud-native BloxOne Threat Defense and BloxOne DDI.

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InternetNZ, the domain name authority for New Zealand, says it has fixed a vulnerability in authoritative DNS servers like those run by the top-level domain operators.

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Unknown individuals have redirected the website of One Nation's Pauline Hanson so that anyone who attempts to visit it will be sent to the website of the Refugee Council of Australia.

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GUEST RESEARCH: Q3 2020 Internet Security Report sheds light on COVID-19 threat trends, growing network attacks, malware targeting US SCADA systems, and more.

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Using stronger passwords and multi-factor authentication on registrar and DNS hosting accounts would help to solve security issues around attacks that have been launched under the hacking campaign known as DNSpionage, the well-known domain name system expert Cricket Liu says.

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Two new appointees for neutral provider of real-time info services Neustar are claimed to be in order to "drive growth, product innovation, new roadmaps, go-to-market strategies and better security solutions for its customers".

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Internet traffic bound for Amazon's Route 53 cloud service was hijacked for two hours on Tuesday, using known weaknesses in the border gateway protocol, which is used for routing traffic around the globe.

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Content delivery network provider Cloudflare has launched what it calls a privacy-oriented domain name system with two IP addresses, and

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Wednesday, 29 November 2017 09:51

Russia hints it may build its own DNS

Russia has hinted that it may build its own domain name system by August next year, citing US control of the current infrastructure as the reason for doing so.

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Thursday, 28 September 2017 13:22

DNS key change delayed

A scheduled cryptographic key change for DNSSEC has been delayed, partly because of a software issue.

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For the first time ever, ICANN is changing the cryptographic keys that secure DNS. ISPs must ensure their software is up-to-date or risk their customers being unable to reach any site on the Internet.

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Wednesday, 05 July 2017 05:42

No Optus: Telco's services go on the blink

Optus customers were hit by an outage on Tuesday night, with services going on the blink at about 9.30pm AEDT.

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Tuesday, 07 June 2016 17:01

Eset warns of 'tricky' DNS malware update

A new version of the DNS Unlocker malware "can be tricky to defang" warns Eset.

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Reports on Twitter suggest Telstra suffered DNS problems with its ‘primary business DNS servers’ - while Telstra’s service status suggests even more problems.

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Monday, 11 April 2016 15:31

DNS attacks – what the?

DNS attacks continue to grow – securing the ‘phone book to the internet’ must be a priority.

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Security vendor Infoblox says it has detected signs that foretell an increase in IT criminal activity over the next year or two.

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