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National science agency CSIRO is designing a new capability called Collaborative Intelligence, which aims to move beyond machines replacing people or automating their jobs, and instead will create teams that maximise the benefits of both human and machine intelligence.

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CSIRO robot experts at this year’s world leading robotics competition, Robot Olympics, have emerged victorious, claiming the top two spot and beating teams from NASA JPL/MIT, California Institute of Technology, and Carnegie Mellon University.

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Sunday, 18 October 2020 20:57

How real is AI?

The lack of clarity as to what constitutes AI has contributed to skepticism regarding the reality of its delivery.

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The website for the Computer Emergency Readiness Team Co-ordination Centre has been shuttered with little fanfare, with the link to the site now redirecting to its parent group, Software Engineering Institute at Carnegie Mellon.

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Wednesday, 07 March 2012 00:04

Robotic cheetah sets new speed record

Beating a record held since 1989, DARPA's Cheetah takes the land speed record for legged robots.


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Sunday, 11 December 2011 09:13

The great shredding challenge

DARPA recently ran a competition to 'recover' a suite of shredded documents.  Here's how it went.

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An experimental, and very secret, hypersonic glider called the Falcon Hypersonic Technology Vehicle 2a (Falcon HTV-2a) was launched over the Pacific Ocean from California on April 22, 2010 by the U.S. DARPA and the USAF.

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Friday, 23 April 2010 22:34

The Space Shuttle has a "mini-me"

Launched earlier today, the US Air Force's unmanned space vehicle is a miniature version of the Space Shuttle.  Planned to stay in orbit for up to nine months, does this herald a new stage in the militarisation of space?

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Monday, 08 February 2010 11:41

IBM sets graphene transistor record

IBM researchers have created the world's fastest graphene transistor.
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