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GUEST OPINION by Craig Somerville, Managing Director and CEO, Somerville:  The benefits offered by the adoption of cloud computing are now well understood, however many IT managers are still struggling to put a clear migration strategy in place.

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When software developer, DevGraph, wanted to lower its own cloud costs it found tools stopped short of remedying issues identified. So, it made its own cost optimiser - CloudFix - which you can use too. It even finds up to $100K in savings for you without charge.

Published in Cloud
Wednesday, 16 September 2015 09:26

The real cost of cyber-crime

A Kaspersky Labs report shows larger enterprises spend an average of US$551,000 and smaller businesses $38,000 to recover from security breaches. Then there is the reputational damage …

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While the worst of the recession may now be behind us business executives will still be looking for cost-reduction initiatives across the company. It’s time for IT departments to consider their Microsoft licensing spend and ask if open source makes better sense.

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Last week I spilled the beans Telstra were about to announce new shared data plans for their range of NextG modems. This is a major plus for business users seeking to control costs but yet provide their workforce with mobile working options. The pricing has now been announced.

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The use of portable USB, or built-in, 3G modems with laptops is becoming increasingly common in today's highly online society. Yet, such service comes at a cost - for many, a disturbingly high cost. Telstra are soon to announce new group NextG data plans to help enterprises better manage their costs.

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It comes as both a surprise and not a surprise that the New South Wales (NSW) state government chose a "safe bet" of Lenovo and Microsoft to supply many thousands of taxpayer-funded laptops to secondary school students. Was Linux ever on the short list?

Published in The Linux Distillery
Friday, 27 February 2009 17:00

A CIO's guide to relevancy during recession

Hello, my name is David. I'm a CIO. I had to make someone redundant today. At the same time my own influence on the board is vanishing. If you’re making the same confession here’s a self-help program for you.

Published in Market
Wednesday, 18 February 2009 09:49

Linux virtual desktops sweeping Brazilian schools

The companies behind a 356,800 seat deployment in Brazil claim world records for the largest desktop virtualisation rollout, the largest desktop Linux rollout, and the lowest cost per seat.

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In this present turbulent economic time businesses would do well to consider the opportunity for process efficiencies and cost savings that technology can bring. Positive Workforce Solutions are doing their bit to help slash payroll costs without reducing headcount. That's the message from four large enterprises, each attesting to effiencies and reduced expenses.

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Tuesday, 03 February 2009 16:07

Average cost of data breach is $6.65 million

The cost of an enterprise data breach has gone up a little since the Ponemon Institute first studied this ever increasingly relevant subject. By just how much might come as something of a surprise.

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It's the classic battle between the suits and the geeks, but there's no denying in these economically turbulent times business leaders need to skill up their own basic IT ability.

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Australian Linux and open source implementation and training consultancy, Cybersource, have put forth their 9-step open-source and netbook solution to solve the Australian Government’s one-laptop-per-child promise which has so far had policy makers scratching their red-faced heads. Yet, Cybersource's plan simply won't make traction and here's why not.
Published in The Linux Distillery
Businesses everywhere are looking to cut costs in the grip of reduced consumer spending, decreased advertising and a general slowdown of trade. Linux can aid you in cutting your infrastructure costs - no matter your platform of choice.

Published in The Linux Distillery
Monday, 01 September 2008 18:07

AT&T unveils 'œridiculous' iPhone roaming plans

AT&T has demonstrated yet another reason why Apple should set the iPhone 2G and 3G free, giving users the freedom to insert their own SIM cards when travelling internationally, rather than being forced to choose between two plans which can reduce bill shock but are still expensive.

Published in Mobility

Virgin Mobile, a subsidiary of Optus, has finally launched the iPhone 3G as widely predicted, but with the surprise of a ginormous 5GB data plan - the first decent iPhone data plan yet. But with pricing for the 16GB and the 8GB model on the $100 plan identical, why would anyone bother with the 8GB unit? And what about concerns that Virgin Mobile's broadband network is 'not reliable"?

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The Aussie mobile data revolution is affecting even Telstra, perhaps not at the much faster speeds than we’re seeing at 3 Mobile, Optus and Vodafone, but affecting them nevertheless, boosting the $29/80MB plan to 300MB, amongst others. But when will Telstra announce data cap increase for its more expensive 1GB and 3GB plans?

Published in Fuzzy Logic
Smartphone maker Palm, which once enjoyed the incredible media, consumer and developer attention currently being lavished upon the iPhone, has shown its far from out of the race by shipping more than 2 million of its Centro models, while an ad network report shows more mobile Internet ads are served to Palm devices than iPhones.

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Fairfax may be the master of its own “Domain”, a real estate website that it owns, for which it promoted “free” mobile alerts that turned out to cost 55c each. Although the charge levied was via a telecommunications company and thus a third party, the ACCC has decided that this may have been misleading.

Published in Technology Regulation
Friday, 25 July 2008 16:20

Time for an Aussie mobile data revolution?

The cost of mobile data in Australia is all over the place – some carriers sell it cheap, others sell it at sky high prices, and effectively the same data transfers but on different devices from the same companies can be charged at different rates. When will data pricing ever get realistic?

Published in Fuzzy Logic
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