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Show your computers, smartphones, tablets and technologies some love this 14 February 2022 which isn't just Valentine's Day, but is the second Monday in February that National Clean Out Your Computer Day falls on this year. 

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“International Women’s Day is a wonderful opportunity for me to think about the women who’ve helped me and those who I’ve helped along the way”, explains Kate Toon, founder of the Stay Tooned Group and the My Business Awards Businesswoman of the Year 2020.

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Tuesday, 02 February 2016 12:49

Barracuda Copy closes shop

Cloud storage provider Barracuda has announced its Copy and CudaDrive services will be discontinued as of May 1st, 2016.

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Monday, 01 February 2016 20:50

Back up your life with personal cloud storage

Do you have files on your computer which aren't backed up? You need to do something about it.
Published in The Wired CIO
Sunday, 01 September 2013 16:10

Space wars - attack of the clouds

Online cloud-based storage is becoming increasingly accessible with providers like Dropbox, Microsoft, Google and others providing more free space to entice users. Here's a new tip for an extra 1Gb in your Dropbox account as well as a massive 5Gb with Barracuda Network's Copy, and some news from Box.

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It would seem that when the rules of copyright are rigorously applied, common sense goes out the window.

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Words, links and addresses that have to be typed by hand - fortunately, this has become a thing of the past: without copy and paste, working on the computer would be much more cumbersome. Now, this well-known principle will be given a general overhaul. Axonic Informationssysteme GmbH from Karlsruhe, Germany is launching click.to, a tool that will revolutionize the way we work on PC desktops, in July 2011. Steps that once had to be repeated hundreds of times daily are now reduced to a single click.

Readers of the Linux section on popular Web 2.0 social networking site Reddit discovered a Twitter bot was tweeting stories listed on the site without attribution. As punishment Redditers decided to turn the bot into their puppet, mouthing whatever they commanded.

Published in The Linux Distillery
All-in-one’s or multi-function centres (MFCs) – call them what you will –can print, scan, copy and usually fax, too. Now Brother has decided it’s time to bring one to market that can handle A3 sized paper!

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