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The automotive and communications sectors are the two most likely to be hit by business disruptions due to semiconductor shortages being compounded by the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict, the technology analyst firm Gartner says.

Wednesday, 02 December 2020 19:39

NBN Co takes on another $1.2b of debt over five years

The NBN Co, the body rolling out Australia's national broadband network, has taken on another $1.2 billion of debt at 1% over five years.

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Two days ago, the NBN Co, that august organisation which is building the national broadband network, issued a media statement listing the first areas in the country which would get the means to upgrade to fibre as outlined in September.

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The NBN Co is beginning work this week to extend fibre into some metropolitan and regional areas in NSW, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia.

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The man chosen by the Rudd Labor Government to head the NBN Co when it was formed has not held back in criticising the Coalition for what he called "a colossal mistake" when it decided to change the mix of technology for the NBN from one that would be mostly fibre to one in which copper would dominate.

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The NBN Co, the company rolling out Australia's national broadband network, the NBN, has bought enough new copper wire that can go around Australia one and a half times, the Australian Labor Party claims.

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NBN chief executive Bill Morrow has given the clearest indication yet that he plans to continue working in Australia after he leaves the company at the end of the year, issuing a six-page "white paper" last week in which he acknowledged that the multi-technology mix NBN has suffered in speed terms due to the abundance of copper.

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NBN Co, the company rolling out Australia's national broadband network, says it will be adding G.fast technology to its technology mix next year, to enable faster speeds over copper wires.

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South Australia is aiming to develop a mining technology services sector that is a global player with the investment of $14.6 million in a research consortium.

Published in Enterprise Solutions
Wednesday, 07 June 2017 05:55

NBN Co trumpets US claim of 1Tbps over copper

US company ASSIA has raised hopes that it will be possible to achieve speeds of 1Tbps over copper lines of 100 metres, the NBN Co says.

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The company building Australia's national broadband network has invested in 15 million metres of copper uptil now for its multi-technology mix network.

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Nokia says fixed networks will play a key role in achieving network transformation and true convergence with 5G mobile and IoT.

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Will fibre ever replace copper cable? While intuitively you might say yes, the answer is that both will be around for quite some time yet.

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In the beginning there were acoustic couplers, and then 300bps modems, but fast forward to 2016, and Genesis Technical Systems has achieved incredibly fast speeds over copper.

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Leading global IC company Realtek has announced its enhanced Gigabit to the home over copper twisted pair and coax at a tech conference in Indonesia this week.

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Saturday, 24 October 2015 00:42

Well yes, buying copper is part of the NBN issue

There are some voices honking their horns saying that nbn spending $14 million to buy 1800km of copper cable for a small part of the FttN network is no big deal. Such voices should be ignored as their logic is flawed.

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The nbn company revealed last night in a Senate Estimates hearing that it has ordered $14 million of copper amounting to 1800 kilometres of twisted pair cables for the FttN component of the Coalition Government’s Multi-Technology-Mix (MTM) National Broadband Network.

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Australia’s National Broadband Network Company, NBN Co, has announced its principles for its mix of multiple technologies used to roll out much faster NBN speeds for Australians without ripping out existing technologies and installing new fibre everywhere.

Published in Home Tech

A number of Australian towns are set to have their copper networks switched off tomorrow as part of the switch to the NBN, yet a study has shown they're largely unaware.

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Tasmanian Liberal leader Will Hodgman has committed a Mitt Romney-style election gaffe, after allegedly telling a colleague the lack of a FTTP NBN in Tasmania could cost him the election.

Published in Government Tech Policy
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