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The CEO of TPG Telecom, Iñaki Berroeta, has given a keynote speech at a major comms conference where he spoke about 5G's evolution and phases, 5G and IoT, massive boosts in video traffic, convergence, dark fibre, infrastructure, the NBN, renewable energy, the VHA and TPG merger and plenty more. 

Published in Telecoms & NBN

The number of connected M2M devices in Australia will grow to somewhere between 25 million and 50 million by 2020, as electronic devices like smartphones, tablets, set-top boxes and game consoles fuel activity with the Internet of Things (IoT).

Published in Internet of Things

The growing convergence and connectivity of technology is transforming the way we work, relax, learn, and manage our health, while disrupting, transforming and collapsing industries.

Published in Internet of Things

In today’s industrial organisations, we have seen an ever-increasing need for convergence  between IT departments and the control room. As automation systems become more advanced, their ability to capture information relating to processes has become both simpler and more effective.

Published in Industrial IT

Today, enterprises rely heavily on applications for nearly all business-critical processes. These applications are delivered via a combination of hardware, software and services, known as the application delivery chain. To make this delivery chain work together effectively, IT must take a new and converged approach to network performance monitoring and application performance management.

Samsung this morning opened its first Australian store in Sydney's George Street.

Published in Home Tech

It will be much of the same in the ICT industry this year as it was in 2011, according to a global market trends report just published, which predicts continuing consumer tech disruptions will drive agendas even within the largest of enterprises, and that businesses face a tough time due to economic uncertainty, forcing them to 'pare IT budgets to the bone.'

Published in Market
Thursday, 15 September 2011 15:22

Digital media front and centre in media inquiry

On the same day it released its public discussion paper on Australia's digital future, the federal government has acknowledged what it says is the 'pressures brought about by the advent of digital technologies' in the terms of reference for its independent media inquiry announced today by Minister Conroy.

Published in Government Tech Policy

The ACMA says convergence has broken or is straining many of the constructs and concepts that form the building blocks of current communications and media regulation.

Published in Technology Regulation

The Government's Convergence Review Committee has taken its next step on the road to making recommendations to government with the release of an emerging issues paper.

Published in Technology Regulation
Monday, 06 June 2011 17:59

Convergence, Cloud drives software market

Simplification is over when it comes to software purchases for Australian enterprises, with end-users now expected to embrace 'faster, more dynamic' bundled software functionality as the market is predicted to grow by a whopping $3.2 billion by 2015.

Published in Market

Ericsson has produced a discussion paper suggesting that the end game of the Convergence Review should be regulate content and remove any legislative and regulatory barriers to the delivery of content to any device of the consumers' choosing: something that is rapidly becoming technically possible and, within the present limitations widely practiced by consumers.

Published in Technology Regulation

Cisco says we should be able to access video-based contenet and services anywhere at anytime transferring these seamlessly from device to device. Telstra agrees.

Published in Cornered!

Two decades after the idea was floated by one of his predecessors, communications minister senator Stephen Conroy, has kicked off a comprehensive review of Australia's communications and media regulation, to take account of convergence between telecommunications and broadcasting.

Published in Technology Regulation
Wednesday, 11 August 2010 12:20

Review: Garmin-Asus Nuvifone A50

In the era of converged devices it's interesting to see what the marriage between Garmin, a maker of sat-nav devices, and Asus, the Taiwanese consumer electronics juggernaut, can deliver. Unlike Frankenstein's monster, the Nuvifone A50 puts all the pieces together to create a nicely integrated smartphone that's made with the travelling professional in mind.

Published in Mobility

The ACCC has restructured its Communications Group to create a new branch focussed on the NBN and related issues and another on convergence and mobility.

Published in Technology Regulation
The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) is to revamp its internal structure to give a sharper focus on issues thrown up by the National Broadband Network and the transition to digital TV and radio; and "to give appropriate new weighting to the role of...individuals as citizens, as consumers and as audiences for content."

Published in Government Tech Policy
Azurn International, a Melbourne headquartered global company with a unique approach to unified communications and online publishing has listed on the Australian Stock Exchange under the symbol AZU after a successful IPO that gives the company a market capitalisation of $45 million.

Published in Strategy
Reduced levels of customer churn, revenue and subscriber growth have emerged as major benefits to telecommunications companies from the bundling of services, with a prediction that single-service offerings may soon be a thing of the past.

Published in Home Tech
Wednesday, 22 April 2009 16:35

Banking to go drives converging market growth

The banking industry in the Asia Pacific region has bumped aside telecommunications companies to drive the market for mobile banking and payments, although both industries are struggling to find the right business model for satisfying revenue requirements balanced with consumer needs and expectation.
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