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Dubbed by Asus as “the supermodel of netbooks”, the S101 Eee PC is now on sale at “select retailers” in Australia, but while its size is positivelEee ultra trim, it’s a shame the $999 price isn’t also on a diet, although you can't expect Asus to give the S101 away for frEee!

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An online report suggests the reason why the 17-inch MacBook Pro (MBP) didn't get the swish new aluminium cases of the new 13-inch MacBook and 15-inch MacBook Pro was because of issues in "ramping up production", thus "delaying them by a few months". In short, if you want to upgrade your existing 17-inch MBP, why bother doing it now?

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Thursday, 16 October 2008 21:12

NASA engineers re-boot Hubble with 486 computer

For you people still using 486 personal computers, be assured that NASA still uses them, too. They just got the Hubble Space Telescope up and running again by switching to a backup 486 computer that has been idle since 1990. Yes, even old technology is good!

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