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Impulse-buy retailer Zazz.com.au has sold computers in the past, but today's deal is a special one to my heart. For less than $200 including freight you get a Dell Optiplex desktop computer with Ubuntu Linux loaded and guaranteed fully working. However, you only have today to go for it.

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In mobster parlance, to “waste” something is to get rid of it, hence the headline. Yet the question is vital, with millions of technological products currently going into landfill and polluting the earth for generations to come, with Australia’s politicians predictably “wasting” time dithering on not delivering a solution. The “TEC” demands action – now!

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Are you or your employees stuck in “space-constrained” offices or cubicles? Then Dell’s new “OptiPlex 160” might be the answer to a bit of extra space on your desk, although if a few inches of extra space is the difference between sanity and insanity in the office, you might have other problems.

Published in Fuzzy Logic




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