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Commpete, the former Competitive Carriers Coalition, has called for the resignation of the board of NBN Co, the company rolling out the Australian national broadband network, accusing it of comprehensively failing in its core mission, including driving a more competitive telecommunications sector.

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The CCC says the ACCC's draft report "is a significant milestone in shaping appropriate future regulation of the rapidly changing telecoms and communications sector."

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The head of an organisation that represents non-dominant telecommunications carriers in Australia says there is no need for any further inquiry to find out why customers are experiencing slower speeds on the NBN than what they had with their old copper connections.

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Vodafone has led the industry chorus rejoicing at the Productivity Commission’s recommendations for the winding up of the telecoms Universal Service Obligations, describing the commission’s report as the “final nail in the coffin” for the current USO.

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The federal government is repealing telecommunications anti-competitive laws originally imposed nearly 20 years ago to support the development of competition in the telecommunications sector.  

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The CCC is commending the ACCC ‘for today publishing its first data on market shares on the NBN, which gave early insights into emerging areas of concern for competition.’

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The  Department of Communication's “intervention” in the Telstra fixed line pricing issue, has outraged the Competitive Carriers Coalition to the extent that it has now called on the federal government to instruct the department to withdraw its submission on pricing to the ACCC.

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With CCC member carriers always complaining about Telstra, the latest price reductions logically mean ACCC’s draft price reductions are sensible and reasonable.

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Australia’s Competitive Carriers Coalition has wasted no time in blasting Telstra following the report of the CIE report via Vodafone showing a massive Telstra price premium.

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A group of Telstra’s smaller competitors has urged the ACCC to be given wider powers to “protect the competitiveness of content access markets”. They say Telstra’s size gives it an unfair advantage in content bundling deals.

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NBN Co will be prohibited from discriminating between access seekers save in certain limited circumstances and the ACCC has published draft guidelines on the exceptions to this rule. Law firm Maddocks says it has breached the legislation by doing so.
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The Competitive Carriers' Coalition has fired another salvo at Telstra's plans for structural separation, branding Telstra's proposal for rebates if its wholesale services fail to meet specified performance levels as "[failing] to meet even the basic criteria which would be expected of a standard, commercially negotiated arrangement."

Published in Technology Regulation
Tuesday, 06 September 2011 09:45

Competitors blast Telstra's NBN participation plans

The prospects for the ACCC accepting Telstra's structural separation undertaking - a prerequisite to Telstra participation in the NBN - are receding rapidly with Telstra's competitors making a highly critical submission to the ACCC's review of the undertaking.

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Telstra has submitted its Structural Separation Undertaking (SSU) and Draft Migration Plan to the ACCC, which will shortly make the documents publicly available.

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COMMENT - New communications minister Malcolm Turnbull may have got more than the pro-NBN faction in the Australian telecoms industry offside by suggesting that the access regime under which Telstra has operated since 1997 is working.

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Thursday, 03 December 2009 12:27

ACCC 'squibs' on pricing reform

Telstra's competitors are angry at the ACCC's decision to maintain the status quo on regulated prices for access to key Telstra wholesale services, claiming that the ACCC has reneged on long-promised reforms that would have seen prices come down significantly.

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Wednesday, 28 October 2009 13:52

Survey finds consumers want regulatory change: CCC

Competitive carriers have turned up the pressure on Senators not to delay the passage of Government's telecommunications reforms, releasing survey results that they say demonstrate support for the measures among regional Australians.

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Communications Minister Stephen Conroy expects the complex negotiations with Telstra over its regulatory future to be complete by the beginning of December, and says enough preparatory work has already been done to make that deadline realistic.

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The Competitive Carriers Coalition has seized on a statement from UK telecoms regulator Ofcom about a surge in broadband delivered over unbundled local loop services to renew its calls for structural separation of Telstra.

Published in Strategy
Thursday, 19 March 2009 11:52

ACCC action 'a waste of time': Telstra

A senior Telstra executive has branded ACCC action against the company as "a complete waste of court time and taxpayer money."

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