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Thursday, 11 September 2014 10:29

Apple losing its 'cool' with US college students

Apple may be 'back' depending on who you ask but a fresh survey from the US found only one in ten college and high school students plan to purchase the Apple Watch, while one third plan to purchase the new iPhone.

Published in Mobility

IntelliVocab Deluxe takes the highly popular IntelliVocab app to the next level. This app is built by students of MIT based on the latest research in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Web Semantics. Not only does it have a lot more words, it lets you add local notifications for the words which you did wrong, hence helping you master the words quickly. It personalizes English vocabulary learning for competitive exams and personal improvement.

IntelliVocab for SAT, GRE and GMAT Comes To The Android Marketplace

Thursday, 08 April 2010 00:22

Are you going to Stress University?

A survey performed by The Daily Beast ranks the most stressful educational campuses in the United States. Take a look at the top fifty stress-out schools of higher learning, which probably will not include your local community college.


Published in Health
For 2009, Playboy magazine ranks the best party school in the United States to be the University of Miami (Florida) while U.S. News and World Report ranks the best educational school to be Harvard University (Cambridge, Massachusetts). Is this party atmosphere further hurting the educational system in the United States? Is this really good for the reputation of schools?

Published in UNI-verse
Wednesday, 22 October 2008 21:16

Brainy jobs reduce risk of memory problems

An Italian study has found that a mentally challenging college education and a mentally stimulating job helps to reduce the risk of memory problems, which can lead to dementia and other serious age-related memory loss problems. You might consider changing your major or your job if you are bored!

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The prestigious top 200 colleges/universities in the world for 2008 was announced by the Times Higher Education magazine's "QS World University Rankings." Many more countries were found to be competing against the top two countries: the United States and the United Kingdom.

Published in Biology
The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) announced on Thursday, September 4, 2008, a challenge to all U.S. high school and college students to “research and describe a small, supersonic airliner that could enter commercial service in the next decade.”

Published in Space
Harvard University is the top college in the United States, according to the latest U.S. News & World Report rankings of "America's Best Colleges 2009." But, not everybody is going to Harvard. Where do your schools rank? And, why?

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