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Swedish telecommunications equipment company Ericsson has been hit with a class action lawsuit in the US over claims that it misled investors over its dealings in Iraq.

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Search giant Google has won an appeal against a £3.2 billion (A$5.85 billion) class action lawsuit in the UK, with the country's Supreme Court rejecting the efforts of Richard Lloyd, made on behalf of a group known as Google You Owe Us.

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Changes to the App Store and the way consumers and developers can purchase apps and subscriptions has been announced by Apple that will hopefully keep developers and consumers happy, and end US court action against the tech giant - along with setting up a fund to help small US developers.

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The lawyer for consumer rights identity Richard Lloyd, who is leading a class action against alleged secret tracking of millions of iPhone users by Google, has told the London Supreme Court that blocking the action would allow big companies to act in any way they pleased.

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Disgruntled shareholders have been given the go-ahead to file a class action against Apple, after its chief executive, Tim Cook, allegedly played down the falling demand for iPhones in China, resulting in huge losses for investors.

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A group that had filed a class action against Google, for what it claimed was the company's tracking of 4.4 million iPhone users between August 2011 and February 2012, has won an appeal against dismissal of the case and will now be able to proceed with the action.

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Intel has updated patches issued earlier for its Broadwell and Haswell range of processors to guard against one variant of the Spectre vulnerability.

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Australia's fourth largest telco Vocus Group faces a proposed shareholder class action over allegedly misleading investors.

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A resident of the US state of Illinois has accused audio equipment maker Bose of wiretapping him via headphones that he bought last month.

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Forced Windows 10 upgrades have again landed Microsoft in court, this time in Illinois, with three residents of the state seeking redress for the company's conduct that they allege resulted in data loss and damage to their computers.

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NVIDIA has to pay GTX 970 users US$30 each after a successful class action suit in the US. it will cost the company many millions in rebates and legal fees.

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Windows users in Florida and Haifa, Israel, have filed two separate lawsuits against Microsoft in connection with the company's push to make users upgrade to Windows 10.

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Lawyers have announced a class action against Australia’s top telcos for what it says are illegal late fees. It is being financed by a British firm with a record of success in such cases.

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Wednesday, 14 August 2013 06:30

Class action against Microsoft for RT’s failings

A US legal firm has initiated a class action against Microsoft for ‘materially false and misleading conduct’ which enabled it to delay the Surface RT’s ‘day of reckoning’, thus deceiving investors in the company.

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As reported in iTWire earlier, Sydney law firm Piper Alderman has announced plans to proceed with a class action against Vodafone.It will be a lawyer's picnic, says ACCAN.

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Tuesday, 26 February 2013 06:14

Class action against Vodafone to proceed

Law firm Piper Alderman will today – finally – announce a class action against Vodafone.

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As around 9000 people have registered to express their interest in the Piper Alderman class action against Vodafone, the beleaguered telco says is it 'building greater reliability and capacity into the Vodafone network', and that it is 'our highest priority and our biggest investment.'

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Tuesday, 28 December 2010 16:21

Vodafail class-action a portent of things to come?

When companies fail to live up to their promises, are hard to contact and hard to get compensation from, it should come as no surprise that its customers will rise up and revolt in as public a manner as possible, with Vodafone's Vodafailure in stopping the Vodafail site and class action a portentous corporate omen.

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Wednesday, 03 November 2010 13:36

Google settles Buzz class action

In an email to all US-based registered users of Google Buzz, Google has announced details of the settlement reached with a group of Buzz users concerned about privacy flaws in the product.

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