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Until yesterday, I was wondering why the Prime Minister Scott Morrison, a honest Christian man who goes to church every Sunday, was not letting fly at the men who had tried to reclaim money from the poor and starving in this country and ended up with a bill of $1.2 billion in legal fees.

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Apple may face another stoush with the US authorities over encryption after it was served with a search warrant by Texas Rangers who are investigating a shooting at a church in the state by a man known as Devin Kelley.

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The separation of Church and the state of the iPhone is in no way under consideration with today's news showing a new religious union, hitherto unknown, between God, man and iMachine, although there's already a complaint the company has accepted.

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Nicolaus Copernicus is considered the first scientist to have removed the Earth from the center of the solar system (universe at the time) and replaced it with the Sun. Now, 465 years later, forensic scientists confirm the location of Copernicus’ grave (and his remains) with hair DNA and computer reconstruction of his skull.

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