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Researchers from the Chaos Computer Club say they have successfully defeated the iris recognition system on the recently released Samsung Galaxy S8 using a dummy eye that is simple to make.

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Linux Australia has predictably chosen to take the safe option in the case of well-known privacy advocate Jacob Appelbaum who has been chucked out of various free software projects and associations after sexual misconduct charges were levelled at him.

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Well-known privacy advocate and developer Jacob Appelbaum is no longer a member of the Debian GNU/Linux project, with his status as developer having been revoked as of 18 June.

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Monday, 23 September 2013 10:42

iPhone's fingerprint scanner hacked

One of the biggest unknowns around the new iPhone 5s was how long it would take for the fingerprint scanner to be hacked. Well, as it turns out, not long at all, if new reports are accurate.

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Wednesday, 12 October 2011 00:40

German Governments admit spyware was theirs

During the past 24 hours, as many as four German state governments have admitted to using spyware against their citizens.

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Claiming the usual "it arrived in an anonymous brown paper bag," the Chaos Computer Club has announced the reverse engineering of what is claimed to be the German authorities' intercept malware, Quellen-TKÜ.

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