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Telstra has announced a 5G home and business Internet plan with 1TB of data per month for $85 with no lock-in contracts.

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With Telstra's claim of more 5G in more places in no danger of being beaten by Optus or Vodafone anytime soon, Optus has instead gone for the fastest speeds it can in its 5G coverage areas to challenge Telstra for the Australian 5G speed crown.

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Although Telstra, Vodafone and Optus are selling the Apple Watch Series 4, the fine print shows Telstra will be the sole carrier to sell Samsung's new Galaxy Watch.

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Optus will have the new iPhone 8 models and the cellular Apple Watch Series 3 in its stores from 22 September, with a six-month cellular trial of Apple Watch buyers.

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The Apple Watch is now officially the No.1 watch in the world, utterly shaming those who ridiculed it, with Series 3 delivering an LTE Cellular model, health enhancements and much more.

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Telstra was first to give details on its eSIM plans, with Optus being the other telco offering LTE Apple Watch Series 3 at launch, and Vodafone later this year.

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If you get an Apple SIM installed into your compatible iPad, or are in the US or UK and have an Apple SIM pre-installed, global travellers have a global roaming option in "AlwaysOnline Wireless".

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The Turnbull Coalition government is promising, if re-elected, "continuous mobile coverage on trains between the Central Coast and Hornsby, as well as Wi-Fi at each train station".

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43 years ago on 3 April, 1973, the first ‘real’ cellular phone call was made by former Motorola inventor and employee, Martin Cooper.

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Tech kingpin Apple’s bottom line could be under threat to the tune of $1 billion a year as it faces a red hot lawsuit for unlicensed use of 2G and LTE patents from wireless technology giant Ericsson. The legal wrangle which started in January this year but had its origins more than two years ago has now expanded from the US to Ericsson’s home turf, Europe.

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A EU-funded consortium of 29 European organisations spanning telecommunications manufacturers, network operators, the automotive industry and academia initiated and led by Ericsson has been launched to try and ensure European leadership of future cellular technologies.

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OPINION: After Apple was forced in Australia to note that its genuinely 4G capable iPad wasn’t compatible with local 4G networks, even though its marketing materials had already made the distinction clear, Apple has now renamed its 4G iPad as “WiFi + Cellular”.

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Canadian fixed network telco, Shaw Communications, has abandoned plans to build a cellular network in favour of a WiFi rollout - demonstrating the increasing potential of the technology to be a viable alternative to cellular.

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Nokia Siemens Networks has reminded us that the first GSM call on a commercial network was made between Finland's former prime minister Harri Holkeri and vice mayor of the city of Tampere Kaarina Suonio on1 July 1991.

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Tuesday, 16 March 2010 17:32

Motorola cool on PMR/cellular unification

Telstra and Ericsson may have trialled a system intended to unify two-way radio and cellular communications, but Motorola thinks its adoption could be as much as a decade away.

Telstra has completed trials of a new service called Group Radio Solution that could help emergency services unify their two-way radio and mobile phone communications.




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