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Analysis of over 1.1 billion broadband speed tests worldwide has revealed where almost every country, territory and region sits in terms of its internet speeds.

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Australia has fared poorly among nations that managed to qualify for the 2020 Worldwide Broadband Speed League which looked at the speeds in 221 countries, being ranked 62nd with an average download speed of 25.65Mbps, and trailing New Zealand which finished 23rd with an average of 66.66Mbps.

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Global broadband speeds have dropped significantly during COVID-19 lockdown periods, according to a new report which reveals that Australia bucked the global trend with a small rise in measured speed of +5.38% during its lockdown period.

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Australia stands 86th in the world when it comes to the cost of an Mbps of broadband data, according to a study by vouchercloud, a company that belongs to the global e-commerce marketplace Groupon. The data showed that Australians pay US$1.15 (A$1.86) per Mbps.

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A British website that regularly surveys broadband packages globally has ranked Australia 113th out of 206 countries that it looked at between 28 November 2019 and 8 January this year.

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An evaluation of 3351 individual broadband plans in 196 countries has found that Iran offers the cheapest plan, with an average cost of US$5.37 per month. Burkina Faso was the most expensive with an average of US$954.54.

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Wednesday, 23 November 2016 07:37

In the UK too, some want slower broadband

Australians who claim that their country stands alone as one that is providing slower broadband to the people are off the mark if one judges by the arguments being mounted in the UK against the provision of fibre to the premises (FttP).

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UK fixed line broadband providers have now been forced to comply with a new ruling that obligates them to change the way they advertise fixed-line broadband packages, and imposes new broadband pricing rules.

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