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Cold-chain logistics provider Scott’s Refrigerated Logistics is using Nintex Promapp to make its business processes consistent across its seven divisions.

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GUEST OPINION by Christian Lucarelli, Vice President of Sales Asia Pacific for Nintex: With a high proportion of staff likely to remain in work-from-home mode for an extended period, many Australian organisations are realising their business processes are no longer delivering the goods.

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GUEST OPINION by Chris Ellis, APAC Technical Evangelist, Nintex: The prospect of optimising and automating key business processes can be enticing for many organisations. The chance to remove inefficiencies and streamline workflows is seen as a sure-fire way to deliver big benefits.

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Tuesday, 02 February 2021 12:31

Stoddart selects IFS for digitisation of services

Global enterprise applications company IFS has been selected by Australian residential building industry supplier Stoddart Group to enable digitisation of job scheduling, automation of critical business processes and the delivery of service excellence.

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Nearly 60 percent of developers cite the unity of business and DevOps as the biggest challenge they face in adopting low-code development platforms

GUEST RESEARCH: OutSystems, the global leader in modern application platforms - including low-code development - has shared results from an InfoBrief study by leading IT market research and advisory firm IDC.

The Asia/Pacific 2020 Software Survey: DevOps, DevSecOps, and the Future of Digital Innovation, sponsored by OutSystems, delves into how organisations in Asia-Pacific can turn into digital innovation factories to thrive in today’s business environment. According to the results obtained, 39 percent of Asia-Pacific IT leaders depend on visually-guided development tools. The top three reasons for adoption were the belief that visually-guided development tools are the future – the simplification of the developer experience, and the provision of a more intuitive developer experience. With more than half of Asia-Pacific decision-makers confident their organizations will rely on low-code platforms for at least a quarter of all planned projects, low-code tools are set to gain critical mass adoption in the upcoming year 2021.

With the Asia-Pacific region now in rapid growth, the region is set to further expand into an increasingly formidable data powerhouse by 2024,” said Mark Weaser, Vice President, Asia Pacific, OutSystems. “It’s only natural for enterprises in our region to gravitate towards the dramatic benefits of using visual development tools for building cloud-native applications. OutSystems is privileged to be able to support the needs of businesses in the provision of low-code and cloud technology to help the region reach its full potential as a digital data powerhouse in the near future.”

Catching up with early adopters

Organisations in Australia and New Zealand are relatively mature in their DevOps journeys, and are increasingly looking at customer experience (CX) as a major priority for digital transformation. 20 percent of companies in the region are focusing on the creation of evocative customer experiences, with slightly fewer (19 percent) suggesting that employee satisfaction is the primary goal of their software development.

Primary challenges

Aligning DevOps with core business processes and thinking ranks as the top challenge for enterprise across ANZ, with 59 percent of organisations citing it as their main application development concern. This is closely followed by the challenge of ensuring security by design, at 53 percent, and the management of interdisciplinary DevOps teams closely behind that, at 52 percent.

“Having spoken to multiple developers in the region, OutSystems is aware of the mounting concern for integrated security, particularly with the rising scale and instances of data theft today,” stated Weaser. “OutSystems provides a range of security functions encompassing application security, Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) infrastructure and an always-on incident response team. While OutSystems focuses on accelerating application development, we believe speed cannot come at the expense of security. We provide clients with nothing less than a secure runtime environment and the tools necessary for secure development.”

Post-Covid-19 agility

On security in the wake of the Covid-19 crisis, IDC expects software development lifecycles to continue to shorten and gathers that enterprises should take care in integrating security into planning phases in order to stay ahead of the curve. Rising customer expectations can and should be met with innovative customer experiences to engender the creation of new markets and audiences; risk-taking, data analysis and continued incorporation of customer feedback does well in driving new ideas on new platforms.

With hiring freezes, labour crunches and tightening regulations, companies are encouraged to start recruitment planning before the need to fill the post arrives. 19 percent of organisations in the region consider training and hiring the right people to be a main IT priority, so building apps enables upskilling and continuous education, whereas letting business developers work side-by-side with IT helps address development shortfalls.

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VENDOR NEWS AND VIEWS: SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA:   Civica, a global leader in software for public and community services, has announced the launch of Authority Altitude, a new software suite aimed at streamlining operations and improving how councils engage with their community, which has gained even greater importance as they manage the challenges that follow the COVID-19 pandemic.

Telcos in the Asia-Pacific region are integrating artificial intelligence tools and platforms into their existing business processes and vertical specific functionalities to enhance customer experience and services offerings - ultimately bolstering revenue margins, according to a new global analyst report.

Global IT and business process services company CGI has secured a $58 million contract with the Queensland Government’s State Penalties Enforcement Registry (SPER) to implement and service a debt recovery solution.

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Network monitoring solutions vendor Paessler has released a new capability for PRTG Network Monitor that allows users to monitor the health of entire business processes, combining multiple sensors to gain insight into the availability and performance of critical operations.

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Wednesday, 02 December 2015 16:07

Well-fed, happy animals need good processes too

Ridley AgriProducts, Australia’s leading provider of high performance animal nutrition solutions, will deploy Promapp’s cloud-based process management software to support the successful migration to Microsoft Dynamics AX7 enterprise ERP solution.

Wednesday, 29 September 2010 07:27

Government Resolves to Restore Trust and Integrity

The newly established Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) has selected Melbourne-based software developer Resolve to implement a business-critical case management system.

Tuesday, 22 December 2009 07:49

CIO, make 2010 your year of success

A new year is about to begin. The worst of the global recession appears over and technology leaders ought to steel themselves now to make 2010 a year where technology is put back on the radar. Make your strategies count with these seven steps.

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Thursday, 22 October 2009 10:18

Gartner's top-10 'strategic' technologies for 2010

Gartner has recommended that companies factor into their strategic planning over the next two years the ‘strategic’ technologies the firm has identified as the 10 technologies most likely to impact and transform their business initiatives.

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TechnologyOne has secured a contract valued at more than $2 million to upgrade the ICT systems at Queensland south-east water authority, Seqwater, to integrate and standardise the utility’s business processes and planning.

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Tuesday, 18 August 2009 15:43

SMS to use profits for further acquisitions

Australian consulting group, SMS, has reported after tax profits of $24.3 million for 2009 and is looking to use some of its profits on more acquisitions of specialist practices where it previously relied on external capabilities to deliver those services.

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Tight integration between business processes and unified communications systems is something leading UC vendors such as Avaya, Nortel and Cisco have been pushing for some time, but another UC player, Interactive Intelligence, has gone one step further: it aims to leverage its strengths in unified communications to enter the business process automation market.

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Thursday, 09 July 2009 15:44

Contract wins come in for Unisys

Unisys has secured a raft of new or extended contract wins for this year in Australia as local companies continue to spend, albeit wisely, on IT services during the economic downturn.

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How can IT staff provide end users with assurance that their business transactions will be handled reliably when part of the process is handled in the cloud?

IT services group, EDS and SAP Australia and New Zealand have worked together to develop a new carbon accounting solution which, they claim, will make it easier for Australian companies to comply with new federal government emissions guidelines.

While  Australia’s IT industry is taking a real hammering from the effects of the economic crisis, there’s some blue sky in the technology market with a new report out today forecasting that the unified communications (UC) sector is set to benefit as businesses look for new ways to cut costs.

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